God Tax


I just realized today is Tax Day and boy did I get taxed... Let me let you in on an inside joke - when we get a flat tire, random ticket/fine, crazy ridic bill Ben calls it a "God Tax". There's no rhyme or reason, just pay it and move on. (Also, when I steal bites of someone's food sometimes I call it a "Monica tax!") First Vegas got in a fight and racked up $400 in vet … [Read more...]

Fitbloggin Friday–Jack Sh*t Getting Fit


Hello and Happy Friday! I woke up today and realized that since I have a group run tomorrow morning, then am getting a root canal – my long run needs to be today if I’m going to get it in! And yes, Vinnie – I want to get it in. I mean the run – sickos! Today is Fitbloggin Friday and we’re talking with Jack Sh*t Getting Fit. He’s funny, he has funny pics. Read his blog. 1. … [Read more...]

Pre-Run Salad and Drinks


I am still trying to figure out eating on the nights I meet with my running group. Even though we only do about 4 miles of run/walk the timing makes me super hungry if I don’t eat first. Today I did dinner first again…massive salad with a turkey burger and vitamin water. Before I left I had to tell Vegas to come inside… “Nooooooo!!!!” (He’s a little dramatic like his … [Read more...]