God Tax

I just realized today is Tax Day and boy did I get taxed…

Let me let you in on an inside joke – when we get a flat tire, random ticket/fine, crazy ridic bill Ben calls it a “God Tax”. There’s no rhyme or reason, just pay it and move on. (Also, when I steal bites of someone’s food sometimes I call it a “Monica tax!”)

First Vegas got in a fight and racked up $400 in vet bills. Then, I broke my tooth and will have a $950 root canal tomorrow.

This morning I tripped over my laptop cord and it smashed to the ground. It’s dead. I don’t have my hard drive backed up….

I freaked out and tried to call Ben, but he didn’t answer. I decided to go for my run anyways, because there was nothing I could do right then to fix it.

Then, I got stung by a bee at mile 5. On my one of my chins. I can’t make this sh*t up. I tried to take a picture of the piece of stinger left…

That’s when I lost it. I tried to call Ben again, no answer. So I called my brother Michael (not Matt as he would be in the middle of 4th grade history or something) and started balling. Not balling like this…

Balling like this (but even worse because I am a gross crier):Yeah.

I cried it out then realized I was 5 miles away from home and turned back. I ended up running 9 and walked 1 to cool down.

When I got back I was super thirsty and depleted of all energy. I devoured a mango and then drank a smoothie.green monster

Ben was having a bad day too and randomly decided to come home for lunch. We talked it out a bit and now I feel a little better. I’m sure the chips helped…chipsWow. Wasn’t this the most depressing post? Sorry.

someecards.com - I'm lowering my sodium levels by crying in my chili cheese fries.Anyways, now I’m scouring the internet for a cheap laptop. I know it’s not the end of the world, but the timing of everything is not helping.

My least favorite posts are serious ones, so let’s end on a happy note…


Happy Thoughts:

It’s Spring!

I live in California with a guy who rocks!

I had someone to call when it was all going downhill!

I love Diet Dr. Pepper! A lot! (Random, I know)

I have a ton of meds because of broken tooth!

It’s Friday and I’m going to Vegas on Sunday!!!

Question: Please share some happy thoughts!


  1. says

    i love diet dr pepper too. in fact i’m drinking it in place of milk with my dinner right now :)

    and the weather here is beautiful. i know CA always has nice weather but RI does not hahah!

    ((hugs)) to your bad day!

  2. says

    Man and I thought I was having a sh*tty day! Yours wins. Sorry. :(

    The good things about today for me: I get to go swimming after work tonight, then dinner with a friend. And tomorrow WINE TASTING! Woo!

  3. says

    Hang in there Monica!!! My bf’s brother and SIL’s dog (that’s a lot I know) had her stomach flip, like in the movie Marley and Me, and she has been at the vet for THREE WEEKS. And they have a baby on the way…Can you imagine what their bill is going to be like? YIKES. The things we do for our animals…

    It’s Friday. Nuff said.

  4. Sarah says

    Hi Monica! I hope your day gets better soon.

    I got a cheap HP laptop a few weeks ago– it’s nothing fancy, but works just fine– from Best Buy. The HP G42. Brand new it was less than $400 bucks. It made me feel pretty good when my new MacBook Air died on me. Hope that helps a little bit.

  5. says

    I love your “happy ending” at the end of this post! You are hilarious. Hope your day turns around. Everything will work itself out, Gurl! Way to stick with your long run despite everything! :)

  6. says

    Oh my gosh, you poor thing!!!! That sounds like an awful day and I’m so sorry. Here is hoping you have an incredible night to make up for it.

  7. says

    Sorry your day sucked so bad,

    Happy thoughts though! Returned a pair or worn through five fingers after warranty and still got them replaced! Traded in a second pair under warranty and returned a pair of merrell trail gloves for more five fingers. 3 new pairs in a day and three projects finnally off my desk. Hope you day gets better.

  8. says

    Sorry about your crappy day! However, I love the positivity!! Yay for: iced coffee, cookies, the ability to “run it off”, and margaritas :)

  9. Jules says

    My happy thought: I ran 8 miles for the first time ever the other day! And I’m going to try to do it again tomorrow!

  10. says

    Awww, I’m so sorry! This post made me sad (but not in a depressing bad post kind of way, the Natalie Dee totally brought the mood back up!).

    If it helps, a few summers ago I dropped my laptop…and it still worked!…until I dropped it again the next day :(

  11. Steph says

    oh boy, i’m sorry to hear about all of that happening at once…I feel like that’s how it always happens in life too :(

    Hope the rest of your weekend is betta! And yes, a glass of vino will help!

  12. Kaz says

    I can’t tell from the picture, but is the entire computer smashed up, or is just the monitor shattered?

    I ask because my boyfriend dropped his computer a while back, and the screen was destroyed — looked a lot like how your computer looks in the picture. He was able to fix it by purchasing a replacement screen off Amazon for $99 bucks. It’s a bit dinged up now, but works as good as it ever did.

    Sorry you had a bad day, though! I’m glad you were able to turn it around. :)

  13. says

    Oh my gosh! What a day…hopefully it will get better and thankfully you got another laptop in the meantime. As for the bills racking up, you’ve heard that when it rains it pours…well there ya go!
    Have a good rest of the weekend!

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