RER Gets A Root Canal

root canal

Hello! It's a super gorgeous day today and I was happy to run 4 miles at the beach. Until, I had to tell my group I needed to head out early for a root canal. Boo. It wasn't as bad as I thought - the anticipation really was the worst part. The dentist had to use a TON of anesthesia on me though. I've read that red heads are  more sensitive to pain and need more anesthesia - … [Read more...]

Turned My Bad Day Around

salad to go

Yeah, so today wasn't the best day. Thank you all so much for your supportive comments on my laptop disaster post. After my mid-run breakdown, I refused to stay in a funk all day and decided to turn it around. First, I made myself a healthy, delicious meal. I wanted to head straight to Yogurtland to console myself, but decided to put the treats on hold because of Easter. … [Read more...]