Turned My Bad Day Around

Yeah, so today wasn’t the best day. Thank you all so much for your supportive comments on my laptop disaster post.

After my mid-run breakdown, I refused to stay in a funk all day and decided to turn it around. First, I made myself a healthy, delicious meal. I wanted to head straight to Yogurtland to console myself, but decided to put the treats on hold because of Easter. (Truthfully, I ended up eating a few 100 calorie packs of cookies later in the day.)

IMG 9199 400x300 Turned My Bad Day Around

I thanked my cat for killing a bee that got in our condo.

IMG 92021 400x300 Turned My Bad Day Around

He avenged my stinging!

IMG 9201 400x300 Turned My Bad Day Around

Then, I headed to my mom’s. I just needed to see family, eat “family” food and relax with people I love. I immediately raided the fridge. IMG 9204 400x300 Turned My Bad Day Around

I decided to wash my car and my brother Michael, kept me company.

IMG 92111 300x400 Turned My Bad Day Around

Now my car is a much nicer canvas for my new RER bumper magnets!

IMG 9210 400x300 Turned My Bad Day Around

Good News! My day turned around because my mom has an extra laptop I traded for an extra TV we had! Score! And she had ridiculous amounts of guacamole from her avocado trees! Double score!!! I wiped that tupperware clean.

IMG 9216 400x300 Turned My Bad Day Around

The final way I turned my bad day into a good one = spent time with my dogs. Hi Rox!

IMG 9222 400x300 Turned My Bad Day Around

We all went a long walk. Ahhhh, it was cathartic. IMG 9219 400x300 Turned My Bad Day AroundNow I’m cuddling up with a bowl of granola and Ben. It’s going to be okay icon smile Turned My Bad Day Around

Right after tomorrow morning’s group run I am headed for a root canal – wish me luck!!!


  1. says

    How awesome! I’m glad you were able to turn your bad day around….and score a laptop from your mom.
    Sending prayers and good wishes to you as you have that root canal today.

  2. says

    So glad your day got better! Love that your cat killed the bee for you…cats are just that good!
    That is a sweet deal you worked out with your mom, mom’s are pretty darn amazing!
    Hope the rest of the weekend goes good!

  3. says

    Total score for being able to turn your day around!! Family time is the best solution for a not so hot day! I’m glad yours were able to help you out.

    PS I love your bumper magnet. :)

  4. says

    I’m sorry to hear about your laptop! You know I once got stung by a bee while on a run, too…it stung me on my head and the bee actually got tangled in my sweaty hair! It was horrible…absolutely horrible, but I think I hit a 7:00 minute mile sprinting home afterward, lol…small victories ;)

  5. says

    SO glad your day turned around! How lucky your mom had an extra laptop!
    I wish I had an avocado tree, but im pretty sure being from NJ thats not going to happen any time soon :O

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