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This afternoon Ben and I hit up Subway for a quick lunch. Tuna with all the veggies and way too much mustard because either the sandwich artist loves mustard or hates me.

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After today’s hectic morning and root canal I really really needed some indulgence this afternoon. I headed to the place where every red blooded American woman goes when she needs to treat herself, Yogurtland the nail salon.

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yeah do them nails Just Peachy

I am in a Peach Phase right now. I just got a peach dress and got my nails peach too!

IMG 9262 600x800 thumb Just Peachy

They didn’t have the right shade of peach so I combined two colors. That’s the extent of my artistry.

I ALWAYS get French Tip, so the fact that I chose Peach for my feet means I have an obsession.IMG 9264 600x800 thumb Just Peachy

Dinner was a massive and equally random salad. I don’t have pics of all my eats it was a really snacky day. Sorry, Monica.IMG 9266 800x600 thumb Just Peachy

Vegas always jumps on Ben’s lap to sleep. He hogs all the comfy spots around here!

IMG 9271 800x600 thumb Just Peachy

We’re sipping our beverages out of this Subway cup with dry ice because our freezer is not being nice cold. I feel like it’s Halloween and this is witch’s brew!

IMG 9272 600x800 thumb Just Peachy

I was super productive today, but still have a list of things to do before we leave tomorrow. I’ll see you in the morning wlEmoticon smile22 Just Peachy

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  1. says

    I love your nail color and toe color you picked! Peaches and Cream!!!

    Hope your mouth is better, I hate anything dealing with the dentist, no fun!

  2. says

    I love peach it is def up there with the coraly colors as my favorite! and I have those same sanuk sandals in orange. I love them too sooo comfy

  3. says

    I love peachy/coral nail polish. I’m obsessive about keeping my nails perfectly manicured. At this point I just do it myself because I would be flat broke and living out of a nail salon if I had to pay people to do it.

  4. says

    I must find this Subway sandwich maker! I can never get them to put enough mustard on for me. I think they ust think it’s goign to run out and then there will be no more mustard for anyone else. Sure are stingy, they are!

  5. Ella says

    Wait how has no one commented on the dry ice? Maybe it’s cuz I’m using an iPhone… But that looks real. Is it?!?!

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