Waking Up In Vegas


Hello, I woke up in Vegas this morning and feel like I had a good time last night. Let’s see what I can share… The first thing Ben and I did after we settled in our room is get one of those embarrassing huge cups of high-fructose corn syrup and alcohol. Even though I’ve been to Vegas 20+ times I have never gotten one of these before because I think they’re tacky. Well, this … [Read more...]

Driving to Las Vegas


We made it to Las Vegas! Driving to Vegas is no biggie for residents of Southern California. I’ve been driving up for impromptu weekend fun since I was a kid (I used to party hard when I was 6). But, for those REReaders who aren’t local I thought I’d share the journey. It’s about a four hour drive (depending on if you believe in following speed limits and peeing in an empty … [Read more...]