Waking Up In Vegas

Hello, I woke up in Vegas this morning and feel like I had a good time last night. Let’s see what I can share…

The first thing Ben and I did after we settled in our room is get one of those embarrassing huge cups of high-fructose corn syrup and alcohol.

IMG 9325 600x800 thumb Waking Up In Vegas

Even though I’ve been to Vegas 20+ times I have never gotten one of these before because I think they’re tacky. Well, this time we decided to do all the super cliché over the top Vegas stuff. When in Vegas do as the Vegans do? Wait. Nevermind.

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Then, we set out to find dinner. We bought tickets for a 10:30pm show so we had time to peek into a couple of casinos.

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IMG 9332 800x600 thumb Waking Up In Vegas

We ate dinner at Chin Chin in the New York New York Casino

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At this point we both we’re feeling good wlEmoticon winkingsmile17 Waking Up In Vegas

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We shared an appetizer plate that Ben dominated because I wasn’t that hungry.

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IMG 9339 800x600 thumb Waking Up In Vegas

My go-to Chinese dish is Spicy Eggplant, add tofu.

IMG 9341 800x600 thumb Waking Up In Vegas

with brown rice.

IMG 9342 800x600 thumb Waking Up In Vegas

I also stole a few bites of Ben’s curry noodles. We took a lot of this back to the room and devoured it after dancing the night away.

IMG 9343 800x600 thumb Waking Up In Vegas

Then, I headed back to the room to put on way too much make-up in an attempt to distract everyone from my massive pimples. My secret’s out.

IMG 9351 600x800 thumb Waking Up In Vegas

Who am I kidding? I always wear too much make-up in Vegas.

IMG 9356 600x800 thumb Waking Up In Vegas

After the show we came back to the room to have a few shots before heading out to dance. We ended up at Rok in New York New York. It was kinda dead, but I don’t normally party in Vegas on Sunday nights, so I don’t know if that’s standard.image thumb12 Waking Up In Vegas

The good thing about coming to Vegas with your SO is it’s okay if the club is dead, you already know who you’re going home with wlEmoticon smile25 Waking Up In Vegas

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IMG 9358 600x800 thumb Waking Up In Vegas

After that I don’t know.

IMG 9366 600x800 thumb Waking Up In Vegas

Wait, I do know we ate a donut around 3am and Ben scored this awesome Krispy Kreme hat. Lucky.

IMG 9369 600x800 thumb Waking Up In Vegas

Plans for today:

Walk off this Hangover

Meet up with friends

Question: Been to Vegas? Any story you can share??

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  1. says

    I love it!! Looks like you had a fun first night. :) next time I go to Vegas you’re coming with me. I’ve never been to a club there before, I’m scared. Lol.

  2. says

    I’m glad you two had fun! You can’t go wrong with a 3 am doughnut.
    I’m the world’s most boring person and do not have any Vegas tales to tell. That’s okay, I’d rather read about your adventures, anyway!

  3. says

    I love Vegas. I really do. I’m going towards the end of May and this makes me so excited.

    Love the hat on Ben. Also you look amazing in that dress.

  4. says

    I am SO jealous! I love Vegas. I’ve been about 5 times. If I lived as close to Vegas as you did, I’d be there way too much honestly.

    I’ve stayed at the Luxor, Imperial Palace, The Palms and MGM. I’d love to stay at the Venetian. That’s my dream!

  5. says

    First off, your looking sexy girl! U look beautiful and I love the vegas makeup style ; )

    I love that you guys got krispy kreme! yummy! I love vegas! I drink and dance way too much when I m there, and I love it!

    Have a blast! It seems a lot of bloggers are in vegas right now?!!!

  6. Christy says

    You guys are too cute. Love Vegas! We used to go twice a year but then we added a little boy to our family, so now I am counting the days til we can return. Btw – your hubby looks like he lost some weight on his 5k plan, no? You both look rockin!

  7. says

    I have only been to Vegas once and stayed at the Flamingo – I LOVED IT! … and was especially won over with the beer pong table at the Casino next door =)

  8. says

    I’ve never been to Vegas because I feel like I wouldn’t get anything out of it since I’m so not a gambler, but you make it look so fun! enjoy your time there!

  9. says

    All of my “After that I don’t know” Vegas stories start with one of those giant frozen drinks. I only drink them in Vegas. They are evil, and delicious.

    Last time I was in Vegas (a year ago) I had an “After that I don’t know” night the day before I left and the first thing I remember about my trip home is being in line at McDonald’s in the Denver airport, my connecting flight. So…I don’t think I’m going to drink any more “After that I don’t know” drinks.

  10. says

    ahhh i wana go! my BEST friend is in vegas RIGHT NOW!! she is celebrating her 21st!! her name is lauren. thatd be so cool if yall ran into each other hahah

  11. says

    looks like fun! haha yep I live in Vegas, but usually avoid the strip like the plague except for the few occasions we want to play tourist :) Usually always a good time, have fun!

  12. says

    HAHAHA Where is Ben’s shirt?? LoL, oh gosh, I remember having one (or 5) nights like that in Vegas. What happens in Vegas though! Unless you share it on the blog which is exactly what I did too. :)

  13. says

    I went to Vegas 2x in 2010. Once for a bachelorette and once with my boyfriend. Both trips were memorable in their own way :)

    I totally agree when you go out with your SO it doesn’t matter if the club is packed or not. It does matter if you are going out with a group of girls though!

    You look great in your pictures!

  14. says

    God I miss Vegas. Had a blast coming back to the hotel room (at 4 am) to change into flip flops (because our feet were bleeding with blisters) and then walking/exploring the strip until 6 am. Makeup and dress look HOT!

  15. says

    Haha, I love that you finally gave in and bought a giant drink tube! We got them when we were in Vegas last August and I also felt pretty tacky carrying it around :-P. We were in Vegas for my birthday so my day started off with room service strawberries and mimosas and continued with a buffet and visiting as many casinos as possible. Good times.

  16. Allison W. says

    Vegas is such a blast! This was a few years ago. One morning after a long night of drinking at Pure in Ceasar’s, I found $100 worth of poker chips in my purse. Neither my sister or I knew how I got them….I must have gambled. Or stolen them? I also went for my sister’s bachelorette party about 18 months ago. We stayed at the Venetian and had a fabulous time at the pool party there. Day drinking in Vegas – can’t beat that!

  17. says

    No super fun Vegas stories to share. Although I did get one of those drinks when I went last year with my best friend. We both got so sick to our stomachs. Way to sickeningly sweet. Next time, I’m getting a real drink!

  18. Katie says

    If you like cupcakes Retro Bakery makes the BEST cupcakes, and Kari the owner is so friendly and fun! Apple Cider and Hop Scotch are my favorite flavors, but you really can’t go wrong.
    Also I hear good things about the Neon Museum, I am planning to go there when I am in Vegas in July.

  19. Mason says

    Did Ben lose his shirt? Hahah.

    Also, love that you posted a picture of you two kissing! I was just thinking the other day that bloggers don’t post affectionate pictures of them and their significant other!

  20. says

    You look GREAT in that dress! Looks like you two are having a great time :)
    3 am donuts really do make life better when you have alcohol in your system!

  21. says

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