Leaving Las Vegas


Speaking of Leaving Las Vegas – have you seen that movie? Ben and I caught it recently. Talk about downer. We reluctantly  left Las Vegas this morning. I snuck out of bed a bit early to crank out 3 miles on the treadmill. My ankle has been super super tight lately. Thoughts?? We stayed at the Luxor because it’s the cheapest place on the strip that’s not in BFE. … [Read more...]

Zeffirino Italian in Las Vegas


Last night we ate at Zeffirino in the Venetian. It’s located in the Grand Canal shops INSIDE the casino, so the ceiling always makes it look like it’s day time. This picture was taken inside at 7:30pm. Isn’t that fun? Well, fun and confusing when you go outside We had dinner companions so we waited in the bar while listening to the pianist. Our dinner friends were … [Read more...]

Irish Pub in Las Vegas


I woke up feeling hung over wicked tired from staying up all night drinking.But, decided to check out the hotel’s gym because I am a compulsive eater exerciser. Unfortunately, I still felt like crap and just walked about 20 minutes and did some light weights. When I got back I thought a small snack would help settle my stomach. Nope. Long story less long, I ended up … [Read more...]