Leaving Las Vegas

Speaking of Leaving Las Vegas – have you seen that movie? Ben and I caught it recently. Talk about downer.

leaving las vegas thumb Leaving Las Vegas

We reluctantly  left Las Vegas this morning. I snuck out of bed a bit early to crank out 3 miles on the treadmill. My ankle has been super super tight lately. Thoughts??

IMG 9370 800x600 thumb Leaving Las Vegas

We stayed at the Luxor because it’s the cheapest place on the strip that’s not in BFE.

IMG 9480 thumb Leaving Las VegasIMG 9481 thumb Leaving Las Vegas

I’m bummed we didn’t get to hit up the pool while we were here. Guess we have to come back and do that! Darn wlEmoticon winkingsmile18 Leaving Las Vegas

IMG 9492 thumb Leaving Las Vegas

We gathered up our stuff and headed to Starbucks for a quick breakfast. IMG 9484 thumb Leaving Las Vegas

My #1 travel tip for saving money and keeping it a bit healthier is to bring baggies of cereal. Order a small milk from Starbucks and you’ve got breakfast. IMG 9485 thumb Leaving Las Vegas

I added a handful of nuts for staying power too!IMG 9488 thumb Leaving Las Vegas

Breakfast is my favorite meal, so I don’t do this every morning, but try to at least skip eating out once or twice when out of town.

Then, we headed back to California. Weirdly enough we both wanted to drive, but Ben took the first shift.IMG 9500 thumb Leaving Las Vegas

In “normal life” – if I’m not running, I’m eating. Well, if I’m not driving, I’m eating. (Notice a pattern?) My mom got me these veggie chips at a farmer’s market. They’re still fried/salted and thus not healthy, but they are 100x better than potato chips, super thick and flavorful. Love. IMG 9516 thumb Leaving Las Vegas

Normally the drive home from Las Vegas has horrible traffic. But, since we are driving on a Tuesday, it’s been a smooth ride so far.IMG 9506 800x533 thumb Leaving Las Vegas

IMG 9508 800x533 thumb Leaving Las Vegas

Took us less than 45 minutes to get back to California <3IMG 9514 800x533 thumb Leaving Las Vegas

Our lunch pit stop was Panera <3 I got the Strawberry Poppyseed salad with the whole grain baguette. Amazing all ‘round.IMG 9527 800x600 thumb Leaving Las Vegas

It’s amazing, and I think it has more than 300 calories because it’s so jam packed with fruit, pecans and chicken. I’m going to be back soon for another – hey it’s seasonal! Get it while it’s hot cold!IMG 9521 800x600 thumb Leaving Las Vegas

I also stole a bite of Ben’s black bean soup. This is my fave.IMG 9525 800x600 thumb Leaving Las Vegas

Now I’m home, but headed straight out to my running group! I hope they can’t smell the alcohol on my breath. See ya later wlEmoticon smile28 Leaving Las Vegas


  1. says

    my wife and i were there last december for her to run the rock n roll half marathon. we stayed at the luxor too. i loved it there, and never wanted to leave vegas. it was my first real vacation, and that’s where i got bit with the running bug, after seeing how much fun she had running the half. now in 2 weeks i’m running my first half!

    glad you had fun!

    sorry to bother you with this long comment.

    just wanted to say hi

  2. says

    Do you have the unspoken rule that whoever drives controls the music? My husband and I have that silent rule. When I’m in the mood to belt out some tunes — MY tunes — he has to beat me off the steering wheel. hehe.

  3. says

    So, My bF and I just stared at the computer for a good few minutes guessing what BFE stands for. And yea, we got nothing. My guess was… nevermind =)

  4. laura says

    So, I think my jaw hit the floor when I read that it only took you 45 minutes to get back to CA. I live in Rancho Cucamonga, my parents like in LV and it takes me 3 hours to get to and from……how fast were you going??? And how did you not get caught? Now that is skill my friend…

  5. says

    two things. 1. i’m jealous of your vegas trip. i’ve been there once. in the airport. i hopped off our plane for 20 minutes, played a slot machine, and got back on. not a true vegas experience.

    2. i LOVE panera too! :) now i want that salad!

  6. says

    That Black bean soup looks delicious. Can totally understand how that is your favorite.
    You’re living in California – do you see a lot of celebrities?

  7. says

    My friend picked up those same veggies chips at the grocery store near us. She didn’t like them and gave them to me. A little weird at first but then I ate the whole bag. I LOVE the sweet potatoe ones the best. And the carrots. Ate all those ones first. :-)

  8. says

    I love the Luxor! I feel like it is a stereotypical, over the top, vegas-y hotel, which as you mentioned is super cheap. Love your tips for breakfast on the go, I think I am going to have to try that! :-)

  9. says

    I can’t say I’ve EVER heard someone say that, BFE lol

    I’m heading to Vegas May 4th, Fingers crossed that the weather is nice, I plan to get in a LOT of walking. We are staying at the Aria. Any restaurants suggestions? Also love your breakfast tips, eating while on Vacation is SO expensive!

  10. says

    I have never heard of BFE before and I’m glad you answered what it means in the comments. And my guess was right! I stayed at the Luxor the last time I was there, the room we got was awesome!

  11. says

    That is so funny that you bring your own snacks. I brought baggies of Go Lean on my flights and then have my baggie of almonds/walnuts as well. It made it a lot cheaper (and healthier) to grab those as a snack as compared to overpriced (and over-fat) items in the airport!! Great minds think alike ;)

  12. says

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