Zeffirino Italian in Las Vegas

Last night we ate at Zeffirino in the Venetian. It’s located in the Grand Canal shops INSIDE the casino, so the ceiling always makes it look like it’s day time.

IMG_9433 (800x600)

IMG_9434 (800x600)

This picture was taken inside at 7:30pm. Isn’t that fun? Well, fun and confusing when you go outside Smile

IMG_9439 (600x800)

We had dinner companions so we waited in the bar while listening to the pianist.

IMG_9441 (800x600)

Our dinner friends were Tina and Mal! They are visiting from Boston and we have been planning this meet up for months. (I could have cropped out the photo bomb, but thought it was funny.)IMG_9468 (800x600)

Zeffirino’s was FANCY (read: expensive). I think we overshot our choice in restaurant a bit.

IMG_9442 (600x800)

The table started with a bottle of white wine to get the party started to sip since we were in fancy town.

IMG_9443 (600x800)

The waiter brought us skewers of olives, cheese and tomatoes

IMG_9444 (800x600)

and bread to soak up the impending alcohol that would be entering our bellies over the course of the night to enjoy.

IMG_9446 (800x600)

I ordered Taglierini allo Zafferano all’Astice – Homemade Saffron Pasta with Garlic, White Wine, One Pound Lobster in a light Tomato Sauce. It was amazing, as it should be for 32.00.

IMG_9449 (800x600)

Plus, a side of green beans for the table to share. Even though these were quickly pushed aside as everyone loved was too busy enjoying their amazing main meals!IMG_9450 (800x600)

After dinner we didn’t have specific plans. Well, Tina and I didn’t have specific plans, apparently Ben and Mal were cooking up a way to get drunk and play craps.

 IMG_9455 (800x600)

Before I knew it an Irish Car Bomb was being thrust into my hands. This was my first one EVER. Sorry, wasn’t a fan and passed it to Ben.

IMG_9454 (800x600)

Then, we headed to craps tables to give the casino more of our money.

IMG_9456 (800x600)

After calling gambling a loss for the night we started to walk to a club and ended up being grabbed by a person trying to get us into a bar/club right there.

No cover (for boys) + We just spent too much money on dinner and lost gambling = We’ll take it!

IMG_9461 (800x600)

This picture isn’t blurry, you are just seeing the world through our drunk eyes. Okay, not really but this is the only group shot I have.

IMG_9463 (800x600)

Okay, I wasn’t drunk at all so this picture is crystal clear. Though, I don’t know why Ben is about to punch me?

IMG_9465 (800x600)

I don’t remember the name of the place. I think it’s a hookah lounge by day and attempts to be a club at night. It was a Monday night and basically dead, but we had fun. Since they were so slow they gave us a table and brought us free strawberries and raspberries! Nice.

I got a glass of champagne. I am very partial to bubbles and LOVE champagne, don’t know why I don’t get it more. Oh wait, that would be because I’m not fancy.

IMG_9469 (600x800)

Our very distinguished gentlemen…

IMG_9472 (800x600)

Me and Tina Smile

IMG_9474 (800x600)

After leaving that place we slowly started to wind down and chatted for a bit outside the deck at the Wynn before calling it a night.

IMG_9478 (600x800)

Ben  and I had a blast with Tina and Mal – wish they lived closer! Last night we hung out with them was in Arizona for RnR Phoenix. Good Times.

We’re headed back home today. See ya in a bit Smile


  1. says

    Looks like you guys had a blast!

    I totally know the feeling of going to an expensive restaurant and then slowly realizing that it is a REALLY expensive restaurant – very easy to do in Vegas where most things seem less fancy because they are in or near a casino! At least you enjoyed the food (and drinks) though!!

  2. says

    I’ve got a buddy that still refers to The Venetian as the home of The $100 Heiniken. We sat down at a bar and ordered “free” beers and I started playing video poker at the bar. By the time our drinks arrived, I was in the hole a C-note. Grrrrrr!

  3. says

    AHHHH SO SO MUCH FUN!!! Girl, you look STUNNING!! That food looks amazing…why does it have to be so expensive?!?! Next Vegas trip I am driving the 5 hours to come meet you girls!! Have a safe drive and I am posting your race photo tomorrow afternoon!

  4. says

    What a blast! I totally have to hit Vegas soon. Although I usually play the $1 machines to get my free drinks.

    Well except the first time I went we were supposed to leave for lunch and so I ordered a drink and just paid for it even though he said if I gambled I could get it for free. But I thought I didn’t have time! I had finished about half of it before being told that one of the people with us was going to be another half an hour so I sat down to gamble and the bartender totally razzed me about it. lol

  5. says

    I miss Vegas!!! We lived there for 3 years, and I loved going to all of the little restaurants during faux-daytime hours! We loved going to the Bellagio, and Ceasar’s Palace, oh and Paris….oh, and New York, New York….okay, so maybe all of them! SO many tasty treats and ways to enjoy yourself! Then you go back to your home OUTSIDE the strip and are reminded of the difference between fancy Vegas and then run-down Vegas! Either way, good times…seems you found many!!!!

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