Broccoli Slaw and Bikinis

I was on a mission to make Broccoli Slaw Stir-fry for lunch today. I made a special trip to TJ’s to get the slaw and mushrooms from TJ’s mid-morning.

IMG_9540 (800x600)

It’s so easy! I just cook up everything, season with PB sauce and then add eggs for protein and happiness.

IMG_9544 (800x600)

Topped with extra cashews, my fave nut!

IMG_9546 (800x600)

I also got this watermelon from TJ’s. Notice: save your money, it’s not good yet Sad smile

IMG_9548 (600x800)

Bikini Season is 7 weeks away! Well, for me anyways. (I have a vacation scheduled for the beginning of June.) Like I mentioned recently, my Intuitive Eating is going GREAT, but I’m at a complete plateau with weight loss. In order to make sure this is not me at the beach…

nataliedee bathingsuit


I’m need to remind myself (publicly) of my 30 Day Challenge:

1. Brush teeth/close kitchen at 8:30pm (had to be pushed back because I get home later than I realized with the running group). <- Totally broke this rule in Vegas.

2. Plan out a good, satisfying afternoon snack. (Instead of grazing all day.)

*Ends May 12 at which point I’ll assess how to build on my new good habits Smile

If you are a runner you have to check out this video from This Running Life – What You Think When You Run a Marathon. Hilarious. And completely accurate.

PS – I have a guest post on Tina’s blog today. Did you see it?


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    hahaha best comic ever. and best video ever!! So funny. You would think those things would give me motivation for my 6 miler, but I have none whatsoever. ughhh so lazy today. Snow and rain all day will do that to ya!

    Good luck with your challenge!! I’m trying not to eat after 8:30 either still…I’ve had a couple rough nights, but I’m getting better!!

  2. says

    Wonderful video! I’m getting ready to run my first marathon in about 3 weeks and, after having spent all of Monday watching people being carted off by medics at mile 22 at the London Marathon, have been completely terrified. This video provided some much-needed laughter! Thanks! :)

  3. says

    OK I totally burst out laughing reading that little cartoon and a bunch of my co-workers gave me a funny look. Way to funny.

    Cashews are my fav nut too! I always order a Singapore Cashew Stir fry at Wok Box, so yummy. Sodium is pretty through the roof though :(

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    That comic made me laugh out loud! Too funny.
    I hate bathing suits. People can babble on about bikini confidence, but cellulite is cellulite. Stretch marks are stretch marks. They’re not budging and I’m not in a hurry to show them off. :)

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    hahaha that comic is hilarious and soo true! Us women are too hard on ourselves. I was just writing the other day how my goal right now is to look my best and feel confident in a bikini. Living in So Cal I will be spending alot of time in one and im tired of it being such a source of anxiety! I refuse to let it get in the way of my fun :)

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    We don’t have a trader joes up in Alaska. Its possibly one of the worst things about this state. That slaw looks amazing though, I should try it some day. And cashews are totes the best nut ever!

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    Monica, Found our blog from your guest post on Carrots n Cake. I love the swimsuit cartoon.. and I love that you are doing intuitive eating! You brocoli slaw with PB sauce looks great, I’m going to try that this wknd! Keep up the awesome blog!

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    I love broccoli slaw, cuts my prep time down so much! And hey May 12th is my birthday, and I can do anything until then. Although my body will never be bikini-ready, my two piece covers me up well enough :)

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    Hi Monica…
    just discovered your blog through CarrotsNCake and spent the last 40 minutes reading pages and pages of entries (im a total fitness/food blog nerd!)

    just wanted to tell you i LOVE your blog.. super funny and i really get a sense of who you are.. and im going to have to try the tofu taco filling.. i didnt realize it was so easy!

    Check my little blog out if you get a chance.. im just trying to get it off the ground and need some more readers!


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    I just laughed out loud….very loud, with my sister in law staring at me like I was crazy! That comic was WAY too funny! I am going to print that out and put it in my back pocket for days when I need a good laugh. Oh, you and Natalie Dee always make me smile!!!

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