The Pink Bathroom Sink

When Ben and I bought our teeny tiny condo we were on crack in a rush. It was right before our wedding and we were also planning our cross country move. Crazy times.

We hunted around some and ended up being sold on a Pink condo. No, the outside wasn’t pink, but EVERYTHING else was. I am not lying when I say that every inch of the place was painted some shade of Pepto Bismo. We had it repainted before moving in, but we didn’t have the money to change the pink sink…

IMG_9634 (800x533)

We still don’t have the funds to change it up (um, broken cat/tooth/laptop in a span of 3 weeks). So, I thought I’d share with you our tragic pink sink. Note: Because I refuse to decorate the bathroom pink, the multicolor décor only adds to the tackiness. 

IMG_9635 (800x533)

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE pink! The placemat I used for lunch is one of my faves, but a pink sink? I’m just telling you this in case you ever come visit. I don’t want you to think I picked it out. Pepto.Bismo.IMG_9639 (800x533)

Speaking of colorful… Yesterday I bought those $1.99 daffodils from TJ’s and they looked like this:

IMG_9583 (533x800)

Today they look like this:

 IMG_9645 (533x800)

Gotta love it! Vegas does.

IMG_9644 (800x533)

IMG_9647 (533x800)


  1. says

    Vegas is so cute! And I love those flowers.
    As for the pink sink – I always wonder what people were thinking when they design these things. Maybe it was on sale and that’s why they bought it?

  2. says

    At least your pink sink is a conversation piece. 😉 The first apartment my husband and I lived in had turquiose carpet. Makes you wonder what people are thinking, eh?

    I love daffodills; they’re so cheerful.

  3. says

    Wow, that is a very, very pink sink! We have pink & gray tiles in our shower that are decades old. I hated it when we first moved in, but now I’m totally attached. You’ll change it someday, but you’ll always be able to laugh remembering the Pepto sink! :)

  4. says

    You poor thing. I can relate. My boyfriend bought his house a few years ago (before we were together) and has been slowly remodeling it. It’s awful: my bathroom is teal. Thankfully the walls have been painted white but the counters are teal with white cabinets that have pink and teal flowers on it. VILE. It’s so heinous. But until the kitchen remodel is done my bathroom has to wait.

  5. says

    omg girl i have a pink everywhere too! i have pink counter tops. it’s gross and sad. we hope to remodel it soon. it’s a gorgeous house, but the owner b4 me LOVED pink. i think we should all get together and vote to have pink removed from the color scheme. lol

  6. says

    I have an idea. Maybe to cover up the “pink” of it, you could use one of those sticky vinyl coverings.. (think the kind you’d use to wrap a book to protect it), same idea. I’m sure you could find something to use to cover it in the mean time.

  7. Jill says

    Yuck! That sink is definitely Pepto pink. What a sight to greet you, first thing in the morning.
    Love the photo of Vegas and the daffodils. A much nicer sight to wake up to.

  8. says

    Pink can be cute, but why do people do that? Whenever we’re driving around my husband and I point out the awful colors of houses. Because we’re incredibly judgemental apparently, lol. But man, some of the color combinations are awful!

  9. samantha says

    What is it made of? You can paint almost anything these days with the specialty paints they make. You might want to look into that. Much cheaper than replacing it.

  10. says

    I think your bubble gum pink sink is BEAUTIFUL. I would love to have a pink sink in my bathroom. But to each’s own. Love you condo by the way (Clean condo tour) Flowers are beautiful!

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