How To Make an Easter Bunny Cake


Even though I got a late start and the heat was shining down on me, I had a good run! I drove to my favorite old route and did 10 miles. The only minor setback was that I dropped my water bottle during a bathroom pit stop and the top broke. Luckily, I was running a loop and dropped it off at my car on the way around. Running without water meant I stopped immediately at 10 … [Read more...]

Fitbloggin Friday–Breakfast!


Morning Is everyone else happy it’s Friday?! Since I was out of town Monday and Tuesday I have a lot of blog/writing stuff to do before the weekend (sorry if I neglected your emails – I’m on it!). But, before getting to work I have to get in a 10 miler! Since I am now coaching a recreational running group (that does not really contribute to my  personal training) I need … [Read more...]

Recycle Your Running Shoes


Earth Day is April 22nd! Are you going to hug a tree? If you are afraid of getting bitten by a squirrel, forget the tree embrace and Recycle Your Running Shoes! Most athletic shoes can be recycled – not just donated. If you run (or walk) your shoes into the ground they won’t do the Good Will any good, but you can recycle them at a local running store. … [Read more...]