How To Make an Easter Bunny Cake

Even though I got a late start and the heat was shining down on me, I had a good run! I drove to my favorite old route and did 10 miles.

IMG_9698 (600x800)

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The only minor setback was that I dropped my water bottle during a bathroom pit stop and the top broke. Luckily, I was running a loop and dropped it off at my car on the way around. Running without water meant I stopped immediately at 10 miles even though I was considering doing more.

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I was a hungry bear by this time and stopped at the store for a drink and bar on the way home. See, I like my snacks pink, just not my sinks Winking smile

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Lunch was a “Sweet Salad”

IMG_9709 (800x533)

On a bed of lettuce I piled: tomatoes, mushrooms, pineapple cottage cheese, raisins and trail mix. So.good.

IMG_9713 (800x533)

Plus bread x2

IMG_9718 (800x533)

Now it’s time for Easter Bunny Cake!

Easter Bunny Cake

This Easter cake is super easy to make. I just used a box cake mix because, if you want “made from scratch” you came to the wrong place. But, if you want “some bowl of random salad that I threw together and a few jokes” <- you hit the jackpot.

IMG_9668 (800x533)

Bake the cake in 2 round pans. Let cool completely before building the bunny. Invert the cakes on a plate to work with the bottom side up.

IMG_9722 (800x533)

Cut one of the cakes in half and frost half of it.

bunny body cake

Fold the two halves together.

IMG_9738 (800x533)

This forms the bunny body Smile

 IMG_9742 (800x533)

Cut the other cake in half and then in half again. You only need 1 half of this one, so you can eat the rest. *Note the rest of my cake has been eaten. I plead the 5th. Can you do that in Heaven?

IMG_9748 (800x533)

Fold those two sides together and place them in front of the body on a platter. Tip: Put wax paper around the bunny so you keep the plate clean. Slide it out at the end.

bunny cake without frosting

Frost the bunny liberally – making sure the head and body stay together and no guts are showing. I mean, cake – no cake is showing.

IMG_9783 (800x532)

Before the frosting gets hard pat shredded coconut everywhere. If the frosting gets hard you’re in trouble, so do it fast. TWSS.

bunny cake face

Decorate your bunny with a nose and eyes. I added paper ears because I think it looks like a guinea pig without the ears. And no one likes to eat guinea pig. Unless, there’s such a thing as guinea pig bacon. Nevermind.

bunny cake recipe

Then, pull out the wax paper. Optional: Color the leftover coconut with green food coloring and place around the bunny as grass.

Vegetarian or not, I think we can all go for some bunny right now…

IMG_9790 (800x532)


  1. says

    GREAT cake! So drooling right now…
    oh and GREAT run too! My bottle broke the other day five minutes into my run, but I couldn’t be bothered to turn back and change it. I had water splurting all over me for five miles!

  2. says

    I love the bunny cake – I’d have to figure out an alternative to coconut though. It’s one food that I just cannot eat, the texture gets to me!

  3. Kianni says

    Fact- my Grampa has only ever said he loves one thing; his guinea pig..his birthday’s in June. I guess he’s getting a guinea pig cake! lol
    Another random fact; my mom’s friend’s sister, went to South America traveling, and apparently they served whole guinea pig and it slightly traumatized her…

  4. Anne says

    Recently found you through another runner’s blog. I love love love the cake instructions! It is sooo cute!
    I like your blog a lot too =)

  5. says

    I have seen those cakes before but never knew how they got them to look so good. You should apply for an internship with Cake Boss :)

    I also recently tried that Vitamin Water Zero flavor and loved it!

  6. Pam says

    So Cute Monica!! Imma gonna try this with my kids. I think my daughter would love to tackle this by herself…I’ll taste test!! :) thanks!! Your kids (one day) will appreciate your creativity!!

    So happy you had a nice time in Vegas!! It’s always nice to get away but, there’s nothing like your own bed…You know?!

    Have a Happy Easter!!

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