Saturday Breakfast Sandwich


Hello! I headed to the beach for my group’s run this morning. I wasn’t hungry, but did bring along a jug of iced coffee. Doesn’t everyone love big jugs? It’s a drive to the beach we run at, but totally worth it. The beach is gorgeous and the weather was perfect - Cool and crisp   The group does runs based on time with 4:1 run/walk intervals. Today’s session was 55 … [Read more...]

Keeping Sweets In The House


This afternoon I headed to my mom’s to visit and have my brother look at my “Check Engine” light. P.S. Can someone please say a few prayers for me – everything seems to be breaking around here? As soon as I got there my mom left to do some shopping on the Easter Bunny’s behalf . Matt was on the computer and I was in the kitchen by myself. I guess all my recent stress caught … [Read more...]