Happy Easter Then and Now


Happy Easter! Ben and I planned on going to church this morning so I did some quick ab work and a short walk before getting ready. I’m hoping to walk the dogs with my mom after lunch too We went with the traditional Easter breakfast of Oat brancakes. Well, it is Pancake (Easter) Sunday! I roughly used my oat “brancake” recipe, but didn’t follow it exactly (never really do). … [Read more...]

Veggie Burger Fajitas


I often get asked how much money I spend on groceries. Sadly, it’s more than I should and I don’t even want to say. But, I also dominate “Manager’s Specials”! Yesterday I got 3 different packages of veggies super cheap. For lunch I cooked up the fajita mix in a pan with Lawry’s until soft. Then, added a sliced up veggie burger for the “meat”. Served up with a tortilla and … [Read more...]