Veggie Burger Fajitas

I often get asked how much money I spend on groceries. Sadly, it’s more than I should and I don’t even want to say. But, I also dominate “Manager’s Specials”! Yesterday I got 3 different packages of veggies super cheap.IMG 9848 600x800 thumb Veggie Burger Fajitas

For lunch I cooked up the fajita mix in a pan with Lawry’s until soft. Then, added a sliced up veggie burger for the “meat”. IMG 9851 800x600 thumb Veggie Burger Fajitas

Served up with a tortilla and tons of hot sauce – it was like veggie burger fajitas! I also chomped on a ton of TJ’s tortilla chips and a Chobani while cooking. I was an eating machine today! IMG 9854 800x600 thumb Veggie Burger Fajitas

Ben and I ran drove some errands today and made an important iced coffee stop first. We ended up at a small coffee shop, it was just okay (no DD though). Does anyone know what “pansa” means? IMG 9857 800x600 thumb Veggie Burger Fajitas

image thumb17 Veggie Burger Fajitas

Pansita needs to get some spray tan going on asap…

IMG 9858 800x600 thumb Veggie Burger Fajitas

On our way back home Ben voted on Thai takeout for dinner. I didn’t want to eat out, but did steal some of his Pad See Ewe for the top of my salad.IMG 9860 800x600 thumb Veggie Burger Fajitas

The weekend before last I ran the Redlands Half Marathon and Bobbi got this kicka** picture of me! Thanks girl wlEmoticon smile37 Veggie Burger Fajitas

monica running redlands thumb Veggie Burger Fajitas

I may stay up until midnight to dig into my purchase of the year = mint n chip ice cream!!! That, or wait outside Yogurtland – I think they’re actually open that late. IMG 8374 thumb Veggie Burger Fajitas

That is love.IMG 8370 thumb Veggie Burger Fajitas

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  1. says

    I’ve been trying to manage my grocery bill a little bit, but it’s so hard to eat healthy on a budget. It seems the healthier the food is the more expensive it gets.
    All of your food looks yummy!

  2. Lisa says

    Really, with the belly joke? I love reading your blog, but it gets harder to come back when I see that. I get that it’s your blog, but to someone like me who would kill to have a stomach flat like yours, it’s pretty triggering and depressing. oh, and the fact that I’m only 5 pounds heavier than you, and you get so down on yourself.

    • says

      Sorry, I tweaked it a bit, didn’t mean for it to come off so negatively. I have the worst self-deprecating sense of humor, but would never ever say anything like that to someone else. (I’m not saying that’s a good thing, just sayin’.) I would hate to be a trigger/negative influence in any way, I know I avoid blogs that do that to me. Take care <3, Monica

  3. says

    Great race photo! I can’t believe you turned down Thai for a salad (even though your salads always look great). I would have totally given into the Thai!

    Hope you enjoy the crap out of some sweets!

  4. says

    I spend entirely too much on groceries! It’s just me and my husband and our food budget is insanely high. So I love getting good deals like that and turning them into delicious meals.

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