Making a Tough Decision


Lunch came early today. Partially because my stomach was grumbling and partially because those hard boiled eggs from Easter were calling me from the fridge. I made an “Angeled Egg” sandwich with hummus and spices. I used hummus mostly because I don’t have mayo right now. The hummus I have isn’t my fave and I think I would have preferred mayo today. Along with my sandwich I … [Read more...]

The Smallest Mexican


Hello and happy Monday! I started my day with a 7 mile run. Goal: Next time I do this route I’m going to do it under an hour! I used the last of my Pineapple Cottage Cheese as the base of breakfast.Oddly, it says there are 4 servings in this container. My math must be off because this is only #2 for me I filled it up with cereal, chia seeds, soy milk and PB. So good. … [Read more...]

Happy Feaster!


This afternoon Ben and I headed to my mom’s for Easter Feaster. This is me and my little mom   I was in charge of the beans. Well, my mom cooked them, but I “re-fried” them. Our Easter Feaster was shish-kabobs, rice, beans, tortillas, macaroni salad and salad with strawberries, almonds and feta. I made the salad and think it was pretty good And I totally ate 68 servings … [Read more...]