Happy Feaster!

This afternoon Ben and I headed to my mom’s for Easter Feaster. This is me and my little mom Smile IMG_9911 (800x600)

I was in charge of the beans. Well, my mom cooked them, but I “re-fried” them.IMG_9894 (800x600)

Our Easter Feaster was shish-kabobs, rice, beans, tortillas, macaroni salad and salad with strawberries, almonds and feta. IMG_9900 (800x600)I made the salad and think it was pretty good Smile And I totally ate 68 servings of macaroni salad. It had been too long.IMG_9899 (800x600)

Ben and Frank "manned” the grillIMG_9902 (800x600)

My little brother, Matt. He’s 10 and yes we have the same Mexican mom and dad, God just gave us different colors SmileIMG_9905 (800x600)

Ben and I both overdid it on the Reese’s chocolate bunnies today, but he doesn’t know how to hide it like I do. Chill out man, they’re on to us…IMG_9907 (800x600)

Happy Easter!IMG_9908 (600x800)

When you eat outside, sometimes you run into beggars…IMG_9913 (800x600)

I’ll give ‘em a pet, but not my food. My food is mine.IMG_9916 (800x600)

My Bunny Cake was dessert! IMG_9918 (800x600)

Even though I made the cake on Friday it was still good on the inside! I thought it would dry out, but it didn’t.

IMG_9921 (800x600)

My family also did a weigh-in that I’ll talk about tomorrow…IMG_9923 (600x800)

Lent is over! I gave up sweets and cussing for Lent. Now I can say “F*** this is so good…” whilst stuffing my face with ice cream. Does that sound like a good time to anyone else?IMG_9890 (800x600)

I did fail a few times over the last 40 days, but definitely ate a lot less sweets than normal. Unfortunately, the denial of sweets for so long means moderation is not gonna happen today. I’m going to enjoy too much ice cream tonight and get back on the wagon tomorrow.IMG_9892 (800x600)

If you need me, I’ll be diving face first into mint n’ chip. See ya later Smile


  1. says

    I have to say that I love the fact that you didn’t say, “Oh, I don’t even miss sweets now!” Too many people I know say that after going without for a few days you start losing the taste. Nope, no way. Never!

  2. Nina says

    OMG Monica your mom is GORGEOUS! And so are you! You look so pretty in these pics, and seriously your body is bangin’! I think this whole intuitive eating thing is doing really well by you. Happy Easter!

  3. says

    Hey I just found your blog while googling for a race to run in the future, and I know i’m like 2 weeks late on this, but I wanted to say you totally beat me in the Run-Through-Redlands. At some point, you probably passed me. It was probably early on. :) Your time is great, and the course is gnarly.

    Also, great decision with the ice cream. Mint’s delicious.

      • says

        That would be great – though I suspect I’d just be watching you pass me.

        I’m actually not sure what’s next, I’m studying for Boards (med school) and starting clinicals, so I haven’t been too sure of my availability. I’d appreciate suggestions though!

    • Nicole says

      I agree, “Now I can say “F*** this is so good…” whilst stuffing my face with ice cream.” totally made my day! I LOL’d! 😀

  4. says

    Giving up sweets for 40 days (and cussing -did you count in your head? BC I could never give that up) even with a few slips is AMAZING! Girl, you are my hero. I could never do it. Your idea of a good time = my heaven. My friend just brought over a bag of these dark chocolates she didn’t like so I said I am going to put them in the freezer and be one of those people that’s like “oh, whenever I crave a huge a$$ brownie sundae I just take the teeniest tiniest bite of dark chocolate and it all goes away….”. That’s my plan.

  5. says

    First, you look gorgeous in all those pictures!

    Second, I love that bunny cake! I missed the Bunny Cake post so I thought it was a made in a special bunny shaped cake pan at first. That’s so cool that you made and decorated it yourself. How talented!

  6. says

    I am so impressed by that bunny cake! It looks professionally done! Glad you had a good Easter/Feaster :) I didn’t give up sweets for Lent but still tore into them yesterday like a deprived woman. So bad but ohso good.

  7. says

    I’m so impressed with your ability to give up sweets (more or less) for the past 40 days. Being raised Baptist, I’m intrigued by Lent and am always really curious about what people are giving up.

    I have a little beggar too. We shame him when he begs at the dinner table and say “No begging!” in a really shameful voice. Usually does the trick. 😉

  8. VanessaG says

    Yay 4 ice cream!! I’m eating some right now. :) I think you should continue to not cuss. I mean, what’s the point of it? Now giving up ice cream is a diff story! Hope you had a wonderful Easter. I sure did! So thankful He died for me and lives within my heart. P.S. The Easter cake is so cute!

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