Making a Tough Decision

Lunch came early today. Partially because my stomach was grumbling and partially because those hard boiled eggs from Easter were calling me from the fridge.IMG_9935 (800x600)

I made an “Angeled Egg” sandwich with hummus and spices. I used hummus mostly because I don’t have mayo right now. The hummus I have isn’t my fave and I think I would have preferred mayo today.IMG_9937 (800x600)

Along with my sandwich I had some of these chips I got as a sample at the Natural Products Expo. They rock! I will def be buying these. IMG_9932 (600x800)

I had to make a really tough decision today. I’m bad with hard decisions because I hate to hurt anyone’s feelings or be flaky. But, I’ve come to realize I can’t be 53 places at once. stand-behind-decision-completely-workplace-ecard-someecards

I was going to attend a really great blog conference this weekend, but got some new information and realized it wouldn’t work with my posting schedule and life. I was completely overwhelmed as to what I should do and I phoned a friend for a 2nd opinion.

She suggested I make a Pros and Cons list and I did Smilepros and cons list


In the end,  I very very reluctantly backed out. I feel like crap about it because this is so last minute, but the devil was in the details and I missed some important ones! The extra crappy part is I had totally planned on going and backed out of a few other important events to accommodate this. Boo.

But, in the end I do feel like this was the right choice and I’m at peace with it. I do believe in a woman’s intuition and think I should trust myself more.

Did you know you can ask the Magic 8 Ball online here? All this worrying and I could have had my answer in a second!image

How do you deal with a tough decision?

Make a Pro/Con list?

Use a Magic 8 Ball?

Flip a Coin?


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    that egg salad looks great. Is there a type of hummus that you recommend? I have never made it with hummus before but seems like a good alternative…maybe cottage cheese could work?! Like you…I am a cottage cheeseaholic.

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    I’m a pro/con person too. And I always feel guilty when I have to cancel on someone or tell them no. But in the end I have to realize I can’t do EVERYTHING!

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    Pro/con list for sure. It’s the best way to sort out your thoughts. I also like getting a second opinion from someone who knows me really well… sometimes, friends and loved ones can see a situation more clearly than we can.

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    aw, sorry to hear you had to make a tough call…never fun.
    i totally do the pro/con list…but you know, my heart always knows what is truly right – sounds like what you called woman’s intuition. when you listen to it, really, you don’t go wrong!

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    I feel you on tough decisions. I always phone a friend, ask twitter and make a pros and cons list! It usually helps. Unless it’s something I can’t ask twitter!

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    First off – that is too cool they have the Magic 8 ball online! LOL

    I’m glad you went with your gut on what feels right for you. In fact, I love the idea where you flip a coin because you realize the answer you were hoping for when its in the air. Gut instinct is obviously where its at. Good for you!

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    Sorry you had to make a tough decision :( Are you doing OC this Sunday? I’m doing the half, but I am probably sticking around to see the full marathoners finish, so if you see some creep waving at you while you finish, it’s probably me :)

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      Ugh. So torn. I thought I was going to be attending a conference, so haven’t really been training for it. I’ll probably do the half, but I think I’m signed up for the full. Is that terrible?

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    I reached a point earlier this year when I realized that I’d said yes to way too much – and I had to make a list of the things that were important to me (or would further my goals) and those things that I may want to do, but just didn’t make sense in my busy over-scheduled life! It sounds like you made the best decision for you – and if you’d gone, you probably wouldn’t have enjoyed it like you could have!

    It’s totally hard to make those decisions but don’t feel guilty (or let guilt make you feel bad)! Congrats on your new job!

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