The Smallest Mexican

Hello and happy Monday! I started my day with a 7 mile run. Goal: Next time I do this route I’m going to do it under an hour!IMG_9926 (600x800)

I used the last of my Pineapple Cottage Cheese as the base of breakfast.Oddly, it says there are 4 servings in this container. My math must be off because this is only #2 for me Winking smileIMG_9927 (800x600)

I filled it up with cereal, chia seeds, soy milk and PB. So good. IMG_9930 (800x600)

Yesterday at our Feaster Party about 6 of my relatives were talking about how they wanted to lose weight. We cooked up an idea for “The Smallest Mexican” – a friendly wager to help motivate everyone to their weight loss goals. We weighed in yesterday and the person to lose the most weight in 6 weeks wins the jackpot ($20 from each person). IMG_9923 (600x800)

Monday Mini-Goals:

1. Stick to my meals/snacks = no random eating

2. Stretch

3. Get organized – emails, papers, bills

Question: What’s your favorite holiday candy?

I love Reese’s anything – eggs, Christmas trees, hearts – I’ll take it!


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    Reece’s rock my world! Unfortunately, it’s pretty much impossible to come across even the peanut butter cups here in the UK. For some crazy reason we just don’t seem to understand the delciousness that is peanut butter+chocolate! Madness!

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    I love anything chocolate: Chocolate and peanut butter, chocolate and caramel, chocolate and raspberry, etc. I used to love Whoppers before being gluten-free. I miss them.

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    The Cadbury mini eggs are my fave easter candy! I don’t celebrate easter but I still get so much chocolate around this time – it’s awesome for a choco-holic like me.

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    It’s so hard to just pick one. I love jelly beans and Cadbury mini eggs. I have to buy the small little packs, because an open big bag of them, while more economical, is never a good idea.

    Good luck in your family contest!

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    My favorite candy of all time is Cadbury mini eggs…not the mini creme eggs but the ones that are just plain chocolate. I’ve been obsessed since childhood and have been eating way too many since they re-emerged back in February!

    I love the smallest Mexican idea…are you doing it based on percentage of body weight lost or straight up pounds?

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    My family did something like that, but I opted out. Wouldn’t it make more sense to go off percentage? Especially if the challenge includes men and women?

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    My family once started a challenge like this before we went to Mexico. However I was already on my own weight loss track. The whole challenge kind of got forgotten about until after our trip to Mexico when my grandpa sent me a letter with a “prize” $100 for being the weight loss winner (even though I was just losing weight before the challenge for myself). It was an awesome surprise.

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    If it has sugar, it’s my favorite! No really, I’d pick peanut M&Ms every day of the week. Peanuts are good protein and therefore, make them healthy, right? 😉

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    Reese’s = yum. But I am CONVINCED that the peanut butter in the holiday Reese’s (eggs, trees, hearts) taste way BETTER than regular ol Reese’s!

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    Well I’m the opposite of everyone else, because while I do agree that the peanut butter in the holiday Reese’s is different, I find it to be different in a very bad way. I would much rather have an original Reese’s! In fact, I know it’s different because regular Reese’s are gluten-free and at least some of the holiday ones have wheat added! Boo!

    For Easter I love jelly beans, except when I get the dreaded sour apple. Blech.

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