What I Learned from Jenny Craig


After a little walk/errand I made an easy lunch as soon as I walked in the door. Easy lunch = Sandwich, carrots and fruit – am I right?I made an egg sandwich with sprouts and a pile of tomatoes. It was very mess to eat, but delicious! I ate most of the mango while cutting it I mention it in my “Pictures” page, but I have tried practically every diet out there. I started … [Read more...]

Trader Joes Mango Butter


Hello and Happy Tuesday! I tried to start my day with Jillian’s 6 Week Six Pack and totally hit my head on my TV stand in the middle of a burpee. Hard. I don’t have that much room to work with and think I may be skipping that move from now on. I was craving a massive smoothie for breakfast. In the mix: ice, protein powder, spinach, chia seeds and almond milk. I know chia … [Read more...]

Stress Fest


Today was quite the stress-fest. First, I had a rough decision to make. Then, I headed to fill out some new hire paperwork for my new job. I am super nervous about this new chapter in my life! I don’t feel ready, but kind of just have to go for it I guess   I had a snack before I went… I’ve decided this new up ‘do is going to be my latest obsession. You won’t see my hair … [Read more...]