Afternoon Ice Cream


Waiting too long for breakfast this morning completely threw off my hunger signals. Only 2 hours after my first meal of the day I made a big bowl of salad. Cheetos Croutons are back and delicious as ever Even after this volume eating I wanted dessert and decided to polish off the ice cream. It felt “wrong” to have ice cream with lunch. I always think of it as an end of the … [Read more...]

Late French Toast


This morning I woke up at 5:40am to get to the beach for my group meet up. We weren’t running today because they had a clinic on upper body strength, so it was kinda a bust. Right after the group I went to the expo for the OC Half Marathon. I am so not ready for the race, but we’re just gonna roll run with it, okay? At the expo I signed up for my next FULL Marathon – Long … [Read more...]

Free Refills


After work I ran a quick errand and was home by 3:30pm. I was about to make a snack when I decided to just make dinner instead! I’ll talk write about my new job and schedule Monday, but I think this is going to be the norm. I used these Smart Tenders… and stir-fryed them with broccoli slaw and peanut sauce. Garnished with peanuts and cashews it was perfect and I ate the … [Read more...]