Triple Tangent Tuesday–Cat Hair


Hello! Today I’m copying Janae from Hungry Runner Girl and doing a tangent post. This might become a new thing because I am random and this is how my brain works. Here is my version of Triple Tangent Tuesday… 1. I am in love with green smoothies. But, 80% of the reason for this is all the toppings I put on it after I take the pictures. I eat them, then I add more. And … [Read more...]

Cutting a Mango and Blogging 101


Several people have asked me How to Cut a Mango so here’s a quick picture guide. My How to Cut a Watermelon video is my favorite ever though, if this is hard to follow I’ll make a video. Let me know   Step 1: Pick the biggest mango at the store since they’re priced individually and not by weight. Make sure it’s ripe so you don’t have to wait and can eat it as soon as you … [Read more...]

Short Week, Long Day


Hello! I had to be at work at 6:30am this morning so I took oatmeal and iced coffee to go. Luckily, working with my new client had me all full of excitement so I wasn’t dragging After my client and a quick stop at TJ’s, I came home to breakfast #2 – an egg burrito. “Put some hot sauce on my burrito bay-bee!!!” Today is kinda hectic for me – I have to be back at work from … [Read more...]

Starbucks and Wine


My amazing race this morning caught up with me by noon and I was super hungry for a big ol’ lunch. My salad included a veggie burger, beans/rice and anything else not bolted down. Fruit and trail mix followed. Then, my mom and I hit up Starbucks to fuel our shopping trip. This venti iced coffee barely made a dent in my energy level. I just need ice cream sleep We … [Read more...]

Laguna Hills Half Marathon PR


I totally did not expect to do that well in the Laguna Hills Half Marathon today. And I certainly did not think I was going to PR, but sometimes all the stars align and the running gods God feels sorry for you and throws you a bone. Thank you Baby Jesus I need this – Laguna Hills Half Marathon 1:47:04 I guess the main reason I didn’t expect to rock this race was that I only … [Read more...]

Cookies and Sunday Set Up


Today  I headed to my mom’s for a bar-b-que and some quality family time. Ben and I stopped at a local market for some authentic Mexican food first. You can watch them make tortillas and buy them hot off the press! They had samples too. Fact: Stores with samples are superior. I don’t even know what this is… A spikey avocado? A piece of cactus?? Oh wait, it’s a … [Read more...]

Forks Over Knives Review


This morning I headed to the gym for an impromptu strength workout. I used the Women’s Health Big Book and put together a work out for myself. When I got home I contemplated French Toast, but decided on pancakes because I had pumpkin to use up – and because it’s Pancake Sunday! I pretty much always use some variation of my protein pancakes. But this time I added caramelized … [Read more...]

A Quick Race Expo and Irony


This afternoon I made a quick stop at the race expo. Um yeah, I kinda forgot that I’m running a half marathon on Monday! (And I’m running another half on Saturday!?! More on this later.) The expo was held at a local running store and they were offered 10% off if you were there for the race. Since Ben was with me I couldn’t do too much damage but walked out with a new water … [Read more...]

Running at the Beach With Ben


I woke up bright and early to head to the beach this morning. Three days a week my running group meets at the beach a ways north. It’s a drive, but weekend mornings are a breeze without traffic   I packed PB&J and PB&banana for Ben and I to share. Plus iced coffee of course! My group is training for a 10k on July 4th. Today was a long slow run with 6:1 – 6 … [Read more...]

Native Food Cafe


Native Foods Café has been on my radar for a few months now, but I usually go with my “tried and true” vegetarian restaurant's when I want to get my fix. Last night I finally decided to take a change on this new-to-me place. Native Foods Café is a vegetarian vegan restaurant chain in Southern California with locations in Orange County, LA and Palm Springs. Since I was tied … [Read more...]

Mexican Stir-Fry Recipe


I am completely obsessed with broccoli slaw stir-frys for lunch. But, today I changed it up and seasoned it Mexican style. The main event was Soy Chorizo. I can often find Soy Chorizo (the legit brand too) at the 99 cent store. I’m not fancy, remember? I cooked the broccoli slaw, onions, mushrooms per usual – then added the chorizo. Finally, I added eggs and seasoned to … [Read more...]

High Protein Breakfast Bagel


Happy Friday!!! This week was pretty busy, so I’m happy to see the F word on the calendar today I started my day with a 6 mile run. I felt really slow and heavy the whole time. Not sure why since I didn’t run yesterday? Hmmmm. As soon as I got home I had a few big handfuls of cereal while contemplating life breakfast. I decided to use my my last Perfect 10 Bagel. I am a … [Read more...]

Orange County Fitbloggers


Hello from Orange County, California! I came back from Fitbloggin’ still high from all the fun, new friends and learning. Then, Roni sent out an email about Fitbloggin Local – an opportunity for bloggers throughout the US to make their own local groups to meet up and be friends. Super cool, right?! After a quick twitter vote, some fellow OC bloggers and I have decided to make … [Read more...]

How To Cook


Lunch – I wanted to show you how my salad bowls are like buckets in relation to the vitamin water. This is a salad beast with peanut sauce, cashews and a veggie burger. Okay, maybe the blog title “How To Cook” is misleading as I have no cooking advice to offer. I have always enjoyed cooking, but don’t consider myself a good cook. I have had a ton of cooking and baking and … [Read more...]

Thank You Thursday


1. Thank you new client at 7am. I’m glad you liked me enough to sign up even though I have no make up on and smell like the egg sandwich I ate on the drive in… 2. Thank you person who stepped in poop on the sidewalk before me. I wouldn’t have noticed it, if not for you smearing it all over the floor over the course of a 1/4 mile. Hope your day gets better… 3. Thank you … [Read more...]

Watermelon Rules


This morning I cut my run short because I had a call and some work to do. The plan was 6 miles, but I did 4 slow and painfully (because of breakfast in my belly). So today after work I decided to finish what I committed to and do another 2 miles. It wasn’t fast or fun (I’m 100% a morning runner), but I am proud of myself. I never make myself do stuff I don’t wanna. It was no … [Read more...]