Monica’s Solo Half Marathon


I did it! I did my own half marathon this morning I woke up around 6am and realized the race I was supposed to do was just starting. I felt a little regretful, but knew I made the right choice choosing my friends over a 3am wake up call. I got up and got ready to run – 13.14 miles 1:57:19 Now that it’s getting warm in SoCal chafing is rearing it’s ugly stinging head. The … [Read more...]

Friends First


I headed to Temecula for my friend Terence’s wedding today. It’s about 70 miles inland from where I live, so it made for a long windy drive! I had to go through some mountains and it took longer than I planned – luckily I left early. But, the drive was totally worth it. The outdoor ceremony was beautiful and the weather was perfect! The wedding was held at a winery … [Read more...]