Monica’s Solo Half Marathon

I did it! I did my own half marathon this morning Smile I woke up around 6am and realized the race I was supposed to do was just starting. I felt a little regretful, but knew I made the right choice choosing my friends over a 3am wake up call.

I got up and got ready to run – 13.14 miles 1:57:19IMG_0231 (800x600)

imageNow that it’s getting warm in SoCal chafing is rearing it’s ugly stinging head. The worst thing about it is is once you start to get chafing it’s hard to get rid of it because you continue to irritate it and it’s hard to give it time to heal. I’m slathering this in Neosporin and hoping for the best.IMG_0236 (800x600)

It is always best to try and prevent chafing instead of having to deal with it after it’s there. If you know there is a spot that always rubs or rubs a lot when it gets hot – use Vaseline. I personally think it’s better (and cheaper) than body glide. *But realize it can stain.

Post run – I ate two piece of bread with Laughing Cow and tomato…IMG_0243 (800x600)

Plus a massive smoothie – the perfect post-run drink!IMG_0244 (800x600)

Not funny: I don’t really like to use the word binge anymore, but I think that’s what I would call my eating last night (that missed the blog). Someone recently  asked how I bounce back from a binge, so I thought I’d share…

Bouncing Back from a Binge:

  • Acknowledge the slip up and decide to move on. Binges can last 10 minutes or 10 days – don’t stay in it.
  • If it’s really bugging you – write out what you ate on your binge. Most of the time it doesn’t add up to a full pound (even though you feel like you just gained 7). This isn’t dwelling on it, this is just staying accountable and aware of what you’re doing.
  • Get back on track from the next meal = eat normal the rest of the day/next day
  • Exercise – it helps you feel less bloated and crappy. Even if it is just a walk, it helps.


  1. says

    Those are good tips! I think for me getting back on track is the best idea. Damage is done, no use in dwelling on it.

    Great job on your solo half marathon!!

  2. says

    good advice on the binge bounceback. btw, ive totally done the solo thing when i skipped a half marathon in nyc bc it was snowing. i did the entire thing on a treadmill just an hour after the actual race would have started. stubborn much? ps what is that chaffing from? i cant even figure out what part of your body that is!?!

  3. says

    Congrats on your half. BTW… I love that you are honest about your diet cola relationship, & I hope you don’t change just because someone chided you on it. I love your authenticity. Keep growing in knowledge about yourself. Thanks for answering my ?s about Real Housewives & Slade! (Jill)

  4. says

    Great job on your run! I think it’s great that you still ran, even though you missed your race. Friends do come first :)
    Great idea about writing out what you ate when you binged. The aftermath of a binge is the worst feeling and knowing what you put in your body might make it a little easier.

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    chafing at it’s best. i never think about it — or notice it really — until i’m in the shower. ouch.

    way to get out there and still run a half. champ.

  6. says

    Good for you for committing to running even though you didn’t do the race. I think we forget sometimes about friends when we have fitness goals in mind and I totally think you made the right decision.

  7. says

    Awesome job with the run! I personally think it is harder to do long runs without the race atmosphere, so kudos to you for sticking it out. :)

  8. says

    Great job on the race! Especially for such an early start. I’m pretty sure I would have been asleep for the first 5 miles. :)

  9. says

    I think it’s great that you ran your own race since you didn’t make it to the half that you signed up for. I need your speed!

  10. says

    I’ve never thought about writing it out to reassure yourself that it doesn’t add up to a whole pound. That’s really smart! I’m currently reading Tina’s book and I find it really comforting to ready about her binging episodes and how she bounces back. I think it’s really awesome that people like you put themselves out there and admit to things like binging. You don’t know how much it helps the rest of us who struggle with the same issues.

    • says

      It’s definitely not easy to write about embarrassing things like that, but when someone leaves a comment that they “get it” – it makes me feel better :)

      • Angie says

        I also appreciate you writing about how you ate things you did not document on Saturday night. I had a similar experience on Friday night and have been struggling all weekend. Your post was so helpful. I think when you, Tina, and others talk about moments like this, it makes me feel less isolated / like crap. I realize everyone struggles, but it’s important to be resilient.

  11. says

    awesome job on your solo half-marathon! i heard you placed first in your age group, too.

    i think you give some great advice about bouncing back from a binge. i suspect we have a lot in common :)

  12. Jessica says

    How awesome, I ran my first solo half today too!!! I trained for 4 months for my first half marathon that was scheduled for 2 weeks ago. then the course got flooded after a big storm here in NJ and they had to shorten the course to 10 miles! I was so discouraged, and didn’t want all the training I’d done to go to waste, but I also couldn’t take the pre-race anxiety (do I have all my gear? did I pace my bathroom trips just right before the starting line? did I take the right shuttle bus? am I in the right corral? AHH!!) – so I decided to just DO IT and run my first half marathon by myself today!

    Thank you for being such an inspiration – you’ve helped me realize that I should want to run for MYSELF! The medal, the tech tee, the crowds, the praise… all that stuff is nice, but what matters at the end of the day is that I set a goal for myself 4 months ago and I saw it through to success this morning! 😀 Thank you!!

  13. Rachel says

    Not sure if you ever posted about this but how do you like your Garmin forerunner 305? Would you recommend it? I wanted to buy a watch for running but I’m not sure which to get! do you find the 305 to be too bulky?

  14. says

    Chafing is such a pain! You gotta try A&D ointment instead of Vaseline. It’s basically the same consistency & it hasn’t stained any of my clothes! I’ve been using it for both running and cycling and it works great, plus like Vaseline, it’s super cheap.

  15. says

    love the notes on the binging! This past week as I’ve been swamped with work I feel myself eating more and more and exercising less which has a lot to do with the fact that I don’t feel as well as usual.

  16. says

    Congrats on your solo half! That takes some real discipline — I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t do it!

    I always find that a lot of water post-binge is helpful, assuming you eat a lot of salt as I tend to. It feels “clean” and helps flush away the bloat.

  17. Steph says

    Ahh! Then never run a marathon in Hawaii. The north shore marathon started at 5:15am!!! I had to get up at 145am bc I was staying at my Mom’s and she lives a good 45 minutes away. It was hot to boot. Got chafed in the same spot!

  18. says

    I think you made the right call skipping the race- I don’t think I’ll ever recover from that wakeup call :) The weather was pretty good, but I chafed worse than I ever have in my life too! Oh my gosh… my inner thighs will never be the same

  19. says

    How cool that you still did a half-marathon, just at a DECENT time!!

    The only place I have ever had chafing is on the backs of my ankles from my shoes. I have never thought to actually put anything on them since it usually doesn’t break the skin.

  20. says

    Awesome job on your solo half! I get under boob chaffage too. I also get back chaffage under the bottom of my sports bra. Then I scream like a baby in the shower. At least I don’t get bloody nips like a bunch of dudes do. I think that would be worse!

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