My New Life


A few weeks ago I got my ACE Personal Training Certification. Since I don’t have PT experience, applied to a local gym for the front desk thinking I would eventually “work up” to a PT position. But, during the interview the District Manager saw I was certified and asked me a bunch of questions about that. A day later I got a call and a job offer, but not for the front desk – … [Read more...]

5 Weeks Till Summer Challenge


The universe is determined to deny me of sleep because my trip to the airport didn’t get me home until after 11pm. Then, I felt the need to blog. It was late. This morning I woke up tired, but knew I had to get it together and start my day. I went to the kitchen, grabbed a piece of bread and slathered on some jam. As I was about to grab another I decided to just make breakfast … [Read more...]

Carl’s Jr. New Turkey Burgers


I had to work at 4pm and had a good stick-with-you snack before I left. It was super exciting – I did my first Fitness Evaluation! Ah! More on this later Then, I ate a boring dinner that will be consumed once a day for the next 12 weeks. (You know, cause I’m busy and hungry = no time to cook.) Dessert <3 Finally, it was time to go pick up Ben! Since he had to go … [Read more...]