Carl’s Jr. New Turkey Burgers

I had to work at 4pm and had a good stick-with-you snack before I left. IMG_0292 (800x600)It was super exciting – I did my first Fitness Evaluation! Ah! More on this later Smile

Then, I ate a boring dinner that will be consumed once a day for the next 12 weeks. (You know, cause I’m busy and hungry = no time to cook.)IMG_0295 (800x600)

Dessert <3IMG_0296 (800x600)

Finally, it was time to go pick up Ben! Since he had to go through customs and LAX is a clusterf#ck it took forever. Finally, I had to park so I could go pee. There are only so many times I can circle the terminal!IMG_0297

On the way there I got him the new Carl’s Jr. Guacamole Turkey Burger for dinner. image

We were driving, so no picture but I did take a bite and had a few fries. I thought it was good for fast food. But, you can put guacamole on a shoe and I’d eat it.

Have you guys seen Carl’s Jr’s new line of under 500 calorie turkey burgers?! I only eat fast food when I’m super wasted (which only occurs in Vegas), so these new burgers don’t mean anything to me. But, I am happy that there are healthier options out in the world!

They also have meat free burgers! If only fast food places would create a good veggie burger…image

Thoughts on the new Turkey Burgers?


  1. says

    That turkey burger does look really good! I wish more places would offer healthy alternatives; that actually tasted good!!

  2. says

    Doesn’t’ BK have a Veggie Burger? I think fast food veggie burgers have to be the most processed of them all. Happy Ben made it home safe and sound! :)

  3. says

    Being a non-meat eater and needing things gluten-free that pretty much cuts out fast food for me. Although back when I did eat fast food the burger would have to be WAY lower than 500 calories, you gotta save room for FRIES! :)

  4. Pam says

    Love their turkey burgers!! So satisfying!! My hubby and I tried one on the way home from Vegas!! Love it! I had the teriyaki one. If you ever want to go on a turkey burger lunch date “Holla!!” :)

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