When I’m Going to Die


Mid-morning I was hungry and polished off the melon for some snackage. It made my mouth happy, but only 30 minutes later I was hungry again. #FruitFail I ended up making an early lunch of salmon salad, chip, cucumbers and hummus. No, I don’t particularly enjoy huge chunks of onion in my food, but I can’t cut them any smaller than this because I’m already crying so hard at … [Read more...]

In American We Run on the Right Side


I finally got to sleep at a decent time last night and was ready to RUN this morning. The tiny lil’ wrench in my plan was Ben wanted to run with me and he’s not exactly ready for tempo runs.But, since I’ve missed him so much I ran a mile with him and he turned around to head back home. Then, I set off to do 3 tempo miles. It was great except I came across a lot of people today … [Read more...]

So I’ve Heard…


This afternoon I grabbed a few bites of Ben’s amazing ravioli and made a green smoothie to go. I slurped this up on the way to my group. Today I ran with the injured list so didn’t really “run” run. You know? When I got home I made the fastest thing I had – a frozen meal. I paired it with a salad topped with TJ’s peanut dressing and cashews. I know it’s weird, but I really … [Read more...]