In American We Run on the Right Side

I finally got to sleep at a decent time last night and was ready to RUN this morning. The tiny lil’ wrench in my plan was Ben wanted to run with me and he’s not exactly ready for tempo runs.stay on the right sideBut, since I’ve missed him so much I ran a mile with him and he turned around to head back home. Then, I set off to do 3 tempo miles. It was great except I came across a lot of people today that are still celebrating Will and Kate’s nuptials by walking/running on the left side of the path.1B09EC77

Once I try to switch to the other side to accommodate they realize they’re in America and switch to the right side. Now we’re on the same side again. At this point I’m playing chicken with them and want to say, “Hey James Bond, in America we drive on the right side of the road…”

Anyone else a big Clueless fan in grade school? I wanted high school to come so I could learn to drive and dress like Cher…clueless girls
This morning I busted out the new bowl Ben got me from Mexico. It specifically says “No Lead” on the bottom, but anyone who believes that has probably been eating off lead plates for a long time…IMG_0337 (800x533)IMG_0329 (800x533)

But, I’ll risk a little lead poisoning to enjoy this super cute bowl! IMG_0333 (800x533)

I filled it up with pumpkin, yogurt, a crumbled carrot muffin, chia seeds and PB. This is a go-to meal in the fall, but pumpkin never leaves our store shelves in SoCal, so I enjoy it year round!IMG_0339 (800x533)

Question: Do you find that people walk (or run) on the correct side of the road where you are?


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    I love the topics of this post! Pumpkin yogurt, Clueless, anger at people running on the wrong side of the street… it drives me nuts when people do that! The worst is when you make eye contact with someone, and then you move to the left side of the street to avoid them, and they watch you do it, and then they move too… arghhh!

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    I once worked with a girl from Malaysia. When I found out that in Malaysia they drive on the left my reaction was:
    “So that’s why you’re always bumping into people in the halls at work!” because she was… and the driving thing explained everything.

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    I find it more of a problem on the road and not the trail. You’re supposed to walk against traffic, so I’m always running up to someone head-on, and they always look at me like I might stab them.

    I really can’t stand, though, the bikers who don’t yell out “on your left!” when they pass me. Irritating to almost get run over like that.

    I wanted to dress like Cher in high school, but I failed miserably.

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    As I’m English… I can really relate to this post!

    I run a lot around the Rose Bowl Loop in Pasadena, CA. It’s a very busy route (which I like)… and it’s a bit of an obstacle course getting around everyone using it. I enjoy the challenge actually.

    What’s more we’re all supposed to walk/run in an anti-clockwise direction (signs all around the route which remind us). Many don’t but I usually do – as that keeps oncoming road traffic in sight.

    But I’m very glad people run “the wrong way” as it lets me see some happy smiling faces… and that makes the running a lot more enjoyable. I wrote a blog post about this a while ago.

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    This is a big pet peeve of mine. Well, only if it is causing problems. I have the same thing happen to me in hallways, on sidewalks, while running. It crosses the threshold to pet peeve when people refuse to move over

  6. Elizabeth says

    I will take this moment to soapbox about my side-of-road/path pet peeves.

    IF YOU ARE ON THE ROAD and not a vehicle, you go AGAINST traffic. (Runners: you are not vehicles.)

    IF YOU ARE ON THE ROAD and are a vehicle, you go WITH traffic. (Cyclists: you are vehicles! That also means that you obey traffic lights!)

    IF YOU ARE ON A PATH, you stay to the right. Period.

    And, finally, if you are a cyclist in most states, you are not supposed to be on the sidewalk. Just saying! Use your judgement and, whether you have wheels or not, don’t be a jerk.

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      Yes! These are all correct. You forgot one thing, though: If you are walking side by side with a friend and you see me running toward you (on the right, of course), move out of the way. You do not own the sidewalk. (This goes for people walking dogs as well.)

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    That is a huge peeve of mine! What’s even worse are the people running toward you in double- or triple-wide groups across the entire path, who don’t bother to move over a little so you can run by them without having to jump off the curb or path. It just kinda sours some the inherent camaraderie that I feel toward my fellow runners. Just a little.

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    If I am on a path, I run on the right side. If I am on the road, I run on the left, against traffic. I have had TOO MANY close encounters with cars hitting me, I would never run with the traffic!! But a few weeks ago I had a guy honk and flip me off! I was on the side of the road and he barely had to move over for me! I was like wtf mate?! ugh.

    Also, there’s this lake I run around a lot that is a one-way street and people always walk/run with the traffic. It annoys me soooo much. haha sorry for the rant.

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    I usually run in a park – and they just take up the WHOLE sidewalk. And sometimes they hold hands and form a barrier of 3 people. Not kidding. I have to yell out “on the right” or “on the left” for them to break up.

    Then, their dog that’s on a leash that’s way too long ends up chasing me. That’s fun too.

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    You know, when I go running, I never EVER see anyone else. I see cows, I see sheep, I see road kill, but never anyone else. I do hate when walkers in races don’t understand basic etiquette like where to walk and to start in the back.

    Now I feel depressed about living in the middle of nowhere. Thanks. :)

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    Most people here (besides runners) are oblivious to the fact that they should stay to the right while on the local path. Playing “chicken” with them is not fun, and I try to keep my thoughts and comments to myself, and get by them as quickly as possible without saying anything! :)

    My biggest pet peeve is when people have dogs on extended leashes…It’s enough just trying to get by the dog without spooking it…much less trying not to let the leash get wrapped around your legs!

    • Jill says

      That’s my pet peeve too, the long leashes with oblivious owners on one end. Huntington Beach has a leash law, and that leash must be less than six feet long. Many of the beach walkers (who walk randomly on the left, the right and the center) use the retractable leashes, but don’t retract them. I’m proud to say that my boys walk on twelve inch long traffic leashes.

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    Oh man the same thing happened to me this past Saturday! I set out for a run over the Williamsburg Bridge (in Brooklyn NY) and EVERYONE was running/walking on the left, I ended up having to dodge cyclists who were also confused because of it all! Sheesh, like you said, here we ride on the right!!

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    Haha…I can relate. This is one of my biggest pet peeves. I know it shouldn’t bother me as much as it does, but I can’t get over the fact of “playing chicken” with fellow runners. 😀

    (p.s. I would totally risk a little lead with that adorable bowl as well! 😀 )

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    i hate those awkward moments of figuring out who’s going to switch sides of the sidewalk when i’m walking or running. people really should just stick to the right side. i don’t understand why that’s not automatic?

  15. Kellie says

    Try the Zen Bakery Pumpkin muffins. They are even better than the carrot cake ones. I am addicted.

  16. says

    I hate those awkward moments! Most of the time people seem to get it that they need to be on the right side, but there’s always that oddball.

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    It’s rare but whenever I’m on a path and I see someone on the wrong side, like coming towards me, I stay put! If we collide, hopefully they have learned their lesson lol.

  18. Lauren says

    oooooh how i love clueless! I just used the term “full on monet” the other day to describe someone lol

  19. sarah says

    No, they run on the wrong side and it drives me MAD! I am an American living in Australia, so I am very conscious of keeping left. When I first came here, I would constantly repeat in my head when walking, running, driving, etc., “left side, left side, left side”. well, I quickly learned that I am the only one who cares about such rules! People constantly run, walk, and even drive (!) on the wrong side, especially on streets where cars park. I am always running into people even when I try to dodge them. Often they appear to be immigrants as well, but often they are born and bread Australians. It’s madness, I tell ya.

  20. says

    I cannot even tell you how much it urks me when people walk on the ‘wrong’ side. I battle this everyday when I run through Central Park. It’s like an extra pivot workout or something.

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    I live in New Zealand, so they drive on the left, but they freaking walk allllll lover the place. It’s so annoying! I don’t get it, for some reason people are always in my way here. I always wanna be like, “get outta my face! Watch where you’re going! I’m from Philly!” lol but I also try not to sound like a crazy american…

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