So I’ve Heard…

This afternoon I grabbed a few bites of Ben’s amazing ravioli and made a green smoothie to go. I slurped this up on the way to my group. Today I ran with the injured list so didn’t really “run” run. You know?IMG_0312 (600x800)

When I got home I made the fastest thing I had – a frozen meal. I paired it with a salad topped with TJ’s peanut dressing and cashews. I know it’s weird, but I really like Lean Cuisines. I think it fills the “cafeteria food” void since my small Catholic school didn’t have one and I always idealized it growing up. Random. I know.IMG_0315 (800x600)

Ben has said, “God Bless the creator of ice cream Snickers.”snickers ice cream

I think we should also bless the person who found a way to make a slightly lower cal version. I hope they make these in Heaven!IMG_0318 (800x600)

Ben didn’t take many pictures when he was in Cancun because he was drunk forgot. But, he did get a few of the amazing house he and his friends rented. The house was super expensive, but there were 78 of them that all chipped in so it was only $2.50 each or something like that…IMG_0051IMG_0054IMG_0055IMG_0057

I’m sad that I’ve never been to “real” Mexico (trips to Ensenada doesn’t count). When I was a kid my family would go a few times a year to Rosarito and Tijuana. It was no big deal. mexican flag

Random fact: The first time I went to FL to visit Ben’s family all they told their friends was that “Ben is dating a Mexican girl.”

When I met one friend of the family he greeted me with, “So I heard you’re from Mexico?!!!” in a booming voice. That’s become an inside joke we still saySmile


  1. says

    I love the way you spiced up that lean cuisine! Such a good idea!

    I know this is going to sound sorta silly but I think it’s pretty cool that Ben went on a vacation without you. I know couples that get mad or jealous if one does something big without the other. I know that’s silly just I just thought I’d throw it out there.

    As for Mexico, in the past month, I’ve been asked if I’m Mexican about 85938592948 million times. I’m not :) Guatemalan. But I did go to Chiapas in October to do some field work for a project. It was amazing! Sadly, the “real” Mexico is not the best place to travel now because of safety concerns :(

    • says

      Most of Ben’s friends live on the East coast, as does his family, so he has always needed to go on trips to visit them. I guess doing it from the very beginning made it easier for me to deal with.

      That’s what I meant by “real Mexico”, it’s not too safe. I think some people didn’t get it, but I’m glad you did :)

  2. says

    I’ve never really been to Mexico either. I went on a cruise to Ensenada when I was 13 and spent a few hours there… NBD. A few years ago, my family and I were driving back home from Arizona and realized we were only a few miles away from the border, so we decided to stop. This was right before Americans needed passports to enter Mexico, so we all got across no problem… and then I realized I forgot my driver’s license, so I had no ID with me! I had to be interviewed before they let me back in, but they were less concerned with me than they were my mom, who is an American citizen but was born in the UK. Yeah… I haven’t been back since…

  3. Ida says

    Sweet house! I’ve never been to Mexico(other than cozumel on a cruise) or Canada. I’d love to visit both.

  4. says

    If you’ve crossed the border, you’ve been to “real” Mexico. By your logic, if you only went to a beach city near the border, like Chula Vista or National City, then you haven’t been to the “real” US either.

    I grew up going to Tijuana frequently. My grandparents had a home there. It was definitely a different feel than their other home in Zacatecas (central Mexico), but an urban area is going to feel different than a tiny pueblo.

    • says

      I guess because my Nana’s from Mexico, I was always raised with the idea that TJ and Rosarito are just super South CA, but visiting family is in “real Mexico”.

  5. says

    Snickers Ice Cream Bars were a definite must have when I was growing up. I used to eat at least 2-3 almost every day. Gosh, I miss those adolescent days when you could totally eat 3 snickers bars and not even think twice. :)

  6. says

    I walked across a bridge into Mexico when I was a kid, but it’s the only time I’ve ever been there.

    Ben was on vacation with …. 78 people???? How did that happen??

  7. Michelle says

    true story: I can’t buy those WW snickers ice cream bars anymore. I would eat 2-3 at a time because they tasted so good being crammed in my facehole. :) I seriously do better with full fat ice cream in my freezer for some reason!

  8. says

    I’ve been to Cancun twice, but it was in like 6th & 7th grade, so not really at an age where I was hitting the party circuit or anything :)

  9. says

    My family and I went into Mexico for exactly 20 minutes during our San Diego trip and I still say that I’ve “been to Mexico.” lol

    I love dressing up frozen meals. Sometimes they are just the easiest thing. Plus I stick to Amy’s which I feel better about, especially since that brand is awesome about putting GLUTEN FREE in huge letters on the ones I can eat!

  10. Bridget says

    Ah – I used to live in a neighborhood down the street from a Hasidic Jewish temple. Running on Saturdays for me was TERRIBLE – everyone was walking to temple, so the sidewalks were super crowded ALL the time. I would go a little crazy :)

  11. Nicole says

    How hinky! I just picked up those Weight Watchers “Snickers Ice Cream Bars” last night at the store. I haven’t busted them open yet, but I’m dying to know what you think….heavenly? Or waste’o’calories??

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