I Drink Your Milkshake

I’ve mentioned it before on RER, but I have a bit of a drinking problem.IMG_9326 (600x800)

Not as in the Lindsey Lohan kinda way, lindsay lohan good times(source)

but in the “Mint.com sent you a notice that you’ve exceeded your budget on beverages” and it’s only the 5th of the month.monica in vegas

In reality I don’t know exactly how much I drink because I fill up my water bottle a few times (not sure how many) and grab random Vitawaters, seltzers and diet DPs throughout the day as well.IMG_0351 (600x800)

In honor of Thirsty Thursday I am holding a contest. Today I’m going to track how much I drink and the winner gets a case of O.N.E Active Coconut Water!IMG_0353 (800x600)

To Enter: Leave a guess in the comments as to how much I drink. You can give your guess in ounces, bottles, metric tons, shots of tequila – I don’t care.

Today I will keep track of my beverage consumption and I’ll announce the winner tomorrow morning.

The winner will be the person who most accurately guesses my intake (or is the most amusing).

This morning I woke up early and did some ab work before grabbing a breakfast burrito and heading to work. IMG_0356 (600x800)

I only had a quick equipment orientation so I went to a KB class after. I swear by KB. Love it.

It’s Cinco de Mayo! Do you have your sombrero on?!someecards.com - Tonight I insist on eating authentic Mexican food while wearing a novelty sombrero

Seriously, I have to give a shout out to my Grams and her favorite Mariachi song, Volver. Makes me think of her and smile Smile

Okay now leave a guess as to how much I’m drinking today!


  1. Christin says

    Okay, so since it’s Cinco de Mayo, I gotta measure in margaritas…
    lets see…let’s assume each margarita represents 8oz of liquid (and is mango flavored because that’s my favorite) but back to my point…
    You start off your day by drinking a margarita with breakfast…then you fill your margarita bottle up with two more and start sipping…by lunchtime you have finished this off and are feelin’ good, but your not done yet…
    You open a bottle of margarita and drink that with lunch.
    You’re feelin good now, so you fill up your margarita bottle with two more and are on your merry way…perhaps stumbling and slurring a little, but who cares?
    You go for a zigzagged run and finish off your margarita bottle, so you refill. by dinnertime you need another refreshment…you’ve downed only half of your current (third) margarita bottle, so you still have one pending while you have a glass of margarita with dinner.
    Time to go out! you have 2 more glasses of margarita whilst out and about…
    feelin happy now!
    You come home, finish up that other margarita left in your margarita bottle, then refill it and set it by your bed…drink another half a margarita…you are whisked away to margaritaville in your dreams.
    Total margarita count? 11 and 1/2 margaritas, or 90oz

  2. says

    okay, to celebrate the holiday I’m going to say

    25 shots of tequila…with salt and limes, so 37.5 oz
    2 24-oz strawberry margaritas with sugar on the rim
    3 12 oz coronas with lime
    1 dos equis b/c you don’t always drink beer…but when you do, you drink dos equis (and corona)

    So, that means you had 133.5 oz of liquids…and you’re probably in the hospital from all the alcohol you consumed.

  3. amanda says

    Hmmm. Your water bottle is 24oz…. your iced coffee is at least 12oz…. diet soda 12oz… juice from a juice bar 12oz…. my guess: 144oz. How do you have time to blog?! I’d be peeing all day!

  4. Kellie says

    I have a drinking problem too. Before I gave up the crack (diet coke) I literally drank a 12pk a day. I feel sorry for waiters when we go out to eat because I am always asking for refills.

  5. Kate says

    I’m going to go 125 oz. of fluid. Although, since today is Cinco de Mayo I feel I should also guess 2 tequila shots! :)

  6. says

    Apparently I’m way off because my first inclination was to guess in the 200 oz range. I’ve pared that down and now my guess is 180 oz! :) Thinking about that makes me want to run to the bathroom…

  7. katy says

    I am going to go with 4 water bottle fill ups, and 2 seltzer waters, and 1 Dt. Doctoer Pepper…. and you peed about 50 times :) stock up on that TP when its on sale :)

  8. Christy says

    I’m guessing 127oz. And I love Volver! My in-laws are Mexican and they are always singing it.

  9. Kayla says

    I’m going to say 3 containers holding 24 oz of water each, 1 diet DP, and a random zero cal vitamin water (or juice)

  10. Bjorg says

    (Baileys shot in the morning with your) ice-coffee hehe
    Water after coffee
    Refill of water x 5
    Buy 2 packs of some kind of drink
    More coffee
    More water
    1 Soda
    …yeah, too much? ehe

  11. Shannon Renee says

    If the average is 64 ounces, I’d have to guesstimate 192 ounces because you have the thirst of 3 thirsty ladies! I promise to give that coconut water a loving home :)

  12. says

    You drink…

    * just enough to keep you smiling day in and day out, despite the horrific southern California traffic
    * not so much that the state of California has kindly asked you to curb your liquid intakes so as to prevent an even more serious drought
    * just enough so that you never complain about the color of your pee on RER (too far?)

    I’m guessing that is…150 oz. of liquids. Hydration is awesome…especially when you’re hydrating with Vitamin Water Zero Orange and Diet Dr. Pepper (my two faves).

  13. Nicole says

    172oz of liquid….

    Tomorrow’s question: “How many trips to the bathroom did Monica take?” My early guess is 11!

    With that question, however, my only fear is what the winner will win! 😛


  14. Beth says

    My guess: 127oz
    That’s a lot of liquid, but 27 is favorite number so I had to include it in my guess. :)

  15. Lindsay@Brownies For Brunch says

    My guess is two beers of any type and 4 girly drinks of any type! Bring on the vodka! Cheers!

  16. Jordan says

    Love your take on the SkinnyGirl Margarita! I’ll take a wild guess and say you drink 142 ounces!

  17. Lauren B says

    I could pull a Price is Right type move and guess 1oz, but I’ll be more realistic and guess that you’re quite hydrated at 172oz!

  18. TJ says

    Two vitamin waters, three DPs, four bottles of water, one margarita, and a partridge in a pear tree (wait, what?).

  19. says

    In New zealand, it’s hard to find authentic places, but I ended up at a latin american place and spent a fortune on something i could have easily made myself if I was back in the US where normal grocery stores have tortillas and salsa and all that “normal” stuff that is ethnic here, lol

  20. says

    I am horrible at guessing how much people drink because I NEVER monitor how much I drink, but I am going to get 213oz. I dont know why, but I think that you are drinking alot of water, diet soda, vitiman water, and maybe a little bit of alcohol!! 😀

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