The Tamale Lady

I forgot to mention that I drank iced coffee on the way to work. I’m tallying up my drinks from today and will announce the winner of the “Monica is single handedly responsible for the drought” contest tomorrow.IMG_0360 (600x800)

After work I went a little crazy with my snack. I meant to have yogurt, but it turned into quite the yogurt bowl. I piled in mango, bananas, cereal and PB. Then, more.IMG_0363 (800x600)

Ben and I celebrated Cinco de Mayo for dinner too! He bought some tamales from the lady outside of the store.IMG_0431 (800x600)

You have a tamale lady too right?

We also have the Elote Man. You know, the guy who sells corn covered in mayo, butter, parm cheese and chili powder. Somehow it’s $1.50 and priceless at the same time. monica eating corn

The rest of dinner consisted of nachos and Ben made margaritas (read: not my Lazy Girl kind). IMG_0432 (800x600)

IMG_0435 (600x800)

Dessert – I heated up pumpkin, carrot cake muffin and a Vitatop. Ah.Mazing.IMG_0438 (800x600)

Good night Smile


  1. says

    I can’t wait to get back to LA so I can find an Elote man! Except they never come into my neighborhood, so I always have to go to the ‘bad’ (fun) parts of town to find them, which of course makes the whole experience more exciting! 😉

  2. says

    literally, you just ate all my favorite things today. also, so jealous you have a tamale lady! I’ve only had one once in my life and somehow I still obsess over how amazing it was and consider it one of my favorite foods :)

  3. Jen G. says

    I’ve never seen (or heard of) elotes in Kentucky. But now that I’ve heard of them, I know what I’m making this weekend — holy yum!

  4. says

    The number one thing I miss about SoCal is the bomb mexican food you can find in vast quanties. No tamale lady or Elote man in Idaho :(

  5. says

    Haha I love that the little yogurt container couldn’t even contain all the deliciousness you added.

    I’m celebrating “seis de mayo” because finals have kept us all a little too busy, but there is mexican food in my future for lunch. I love living in southern california!

  6. says

    I never hear about these things until I read your blog. I think your blog was the first time I ever actually saw a tamale. I remember it looking delicious, but the lazy girl in me said “probably never going to actually make that!”

  7. says

    Ok, I have to de-lurk… I’ve been stalking your blog on my reader since the day you took that run with Bobbi and she put a link to your blog. You seriously crack me up!! I can’t get enough, so I’m officially de-lurking to say hi & lol @ ” ‘Monica is single handedly responsible for the drought’ contest”.

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