I Like Big Drinks and I Cannot Lie


It was weird keeping track of my drinks yesterday. I genuinely had no idea how much I drank! In the end I calculated 3 water bottles full (mine is 48oz not 24 like most thought – but it’s hard to fill up to the top without spilling so I figured 44oz.), an iced coffee, 2 Vitamin waters, 2 seltzers and a few sips of Ben’s margarita. I’m estimated it was about 220 something. The … [Read more...]

Fitbloggin Friday with Yum Yucky


Hello Friends How’s your Friday? I was really craving a sandwich for lunch, so I made sure to get “real” bread from Costco. Sometimes a sandwich thin doesn’t cut it, ya know? Having a real bread sandwich isn’t what got me ten extra pounds. Eating ten pounds of ice cream did. I paired it with carrots, fruit and some stolen baked Cheetos from Ben’s plate We dipped the … [Read more...]

Before Noon


Before noon today I’ve… 1. Ran 6 miles. 2. Ate a yogurt bowl with pumpkin, carrot muffin and PB. So so good. 3. Went to work. Gave 2 assessments. 4. Went to Costco. Spent way too much money. Story of my life. 5. Checked the mail. www.nataliedee.com Flashback Friday! Last year I shared where Ben and I went on our third date / Cinco de Mayo. What did you do before … [Read more...]