Before Noon

Before noon today I’ve…

1. Ran 6 miles.

IMG_0451 (600x800)

2. Ate a yogurt bowl with pumpkin, carrot muffin and PB. So so good.

IMG_0440 (600x800)IMG_0441 (600x800)

3. Went to work. Gave 2 assessments. IMG_0445 (600x800)

4. Went to Costco. Spent way too much money. Story of my life. IMG_04535. Checked the

Flashback Friday!

Last year I shared where Ben and I went on our third date / Cinco de Mayo.

monica and ben grand can

What did you do before noon today?


  1. says

    Way to get things done before noon! This morning, I dragged myself out of bed at the ungodly hour of 4:45 to try out my new Aquasox (waterproof thing to wear over my boot) at Masters swim. It was like swimming with a sail on my foot. Then I ate two monster carrots, drove to work, and, well, worked. Oh, and I stopped by Big 5 for workout shorts. Big day over here!

  2. says

    Before noon I did nothing but get ready for work and have breakfast hahaha. Work is pretty damn boring on Friday’s…..then again, I get to read awesome blogs while I’m here 😉

  3. Bridee says

    Ran 7 miles, went to the store, at a protein bar, got 5 kids off to school, showered, went to preschool Mommy & Me Tea, ate plain Chobani yogurt and had a protein shake (saving up yummy calories for tonight).

  4. Rebecca says

    I ran 5 miles, went to work, ate a protein shake, then ate some clementines, and mailed out a bunch of acceptance/denial letters (I work for a university admissions office). Would you be willing do to a giveaway for those muffins? They look amazing but Zen Bakery is not sold in south Texas. :(

  5. says

    Woke up, cleaned, had a piano lesson, and bible time… After noon I went shopping for 2 hours and now I’m going to plant! YAY!!!

  6. says

    I woke up way to early (4:45!) swam for an hour and a half, took a super quick shower so that I could make it to work at 7 AM and have been sitting at my desk ever since.

  7. says

    well i got a lot accomplished at work before noon today. i think i did more in those 3 hours than i did all day on wednesday hahah!

  8. says

    nice! i had to work til 3:30am last night, so pretyt much before noon i… woke up and started working. again. that’s it. i had a 15 minute dance party in my apartment and counted it as exercise. the week after the marathon doesn’t count… right? :)

  9. says

    Before noon today I:
    got home in the wee hours of the morn from my cinco de (drinko) mayo festivities, woke up with a terrible headache, did my grocery shopping (at 7am)…I think it sobered me up? went back to bed.

    Your day was far more productive than mine. I did get a move on this afternoon, but felt behind in seeing that I had missed a whole page of Monican posts. Then thought of you tonight when I loaded up at the hot food bar at whole paycheck.

  10. Katheryn says

    Before noon today I had breakfast, read a bunch of blogs, ran 10 miles. On the way home I stopped off at the bakery to pick up bread for dinner with friends tonight. I also stopped off at the pharmacy to pick up Mede for my 3-year-old. When I got home I said goodbye to the hubby and finished breakfast for my kiddies. After that I cleaned the kitchen and scrubbed the floors. I then played a couple board games with my kids, had them help me vacuum out the car, and then I got to take a shower. Then it was noon and time to make lunch.

  11. says

    Let’s see on Friday before noon, I had eaten breakfast and read blogs online. Oh, no wait I left for the gym at 11. So ha! I did get something accomplished. :)

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