I Like Big Drinks and I Cannot Lie

It was weird keeping track of my drinks yesterday. I genuinely had no idea how much I drank! IMG_0351 (600x800)In the end I calculated 3 water bottles full (mine is 48oz not 24 like most thought – but it’s hard to fill up to the top without spilling so I figured 44oz.), an iced coffee, 2 Vitamin waters, 2 seltzers and a few sips of Ben’s margarita. I’m estimated it was about 220 something.IMG_0375 (600x800)

The winner with the closest guess is image

The winner that was most amusing (this person got a comment in their favor)image

Yes, 2 winners because I drink so much! You’re getting a case of ONE Coconut water for your drinking pleasure. Please send me your info!IMG_0352 (800x600)

My Reflections on How Much I Drink:

1. Tiny cups DO NOT work for me. IMG_7291

But, I’ll never turn down a drink Winking smileIMG_7289

2. I should consider becoming a fish. 00270001

Except they might kick me out of the ocean for drinking all their home.00270024

3. I will now refer to my water bottle as “my other half” instead of Ben since it’s around more.IMG_0822 (600x800)

4. Drinking with friends is more fun (even if you’re ignoring them to enjoy your drink…)four of us

5. It’s not okay to crash parties for free drinks and I’ll stop that immediately. IMG_3556

6. Monica runs on Dunkin. IMG_9488And that’s why I haven’t been running as well since I moved back to California… at least that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.DSCN0993

I’m having a little date with my roommate tonight. I’ll see ya tomorrow Smile


  1. Griselda says

    I love this post! :) That sure is a lot of liquid you drink/drank. Where were you at that you drank from those little coke cups? I need a margarita now. Thanks!

  2. says

    Haha…this is too funny. And a nice reminder to drink up. I used to have a pink water bottle that I brought with me everywhere (it was literally a part of me!) but then it broke and I sort of fell out of the habit of drinking. I think it’s time for me to get over this hump and just pick up a new one already. 😀

  3. says

    no DD in cali?! the shame! i drink lots too. and i hate small cups. because it makes me feel self conscious about how much i do drink!

  4. says

    Wow… 222 oz. That’s impressive. This makes me want to keep track of everything I drink just to see how much it would be.

  5. Christin says

    WOW!! I underestimated by a LOT! Glad I could make people laugh even if I was a little off base (lol). I am so excited that I won something, I never win anything!
    Thanks so much! :)

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