Search Me Saturday

I meant to come home and exercise, but the day got the best of me and I opted to eat. Shocker not-so-much. I made a ridic salad…IMG_0567 (800x600)

and also had a sandwich with it. A lot of food, but a lot of healthy food at least Smile IMG_0474 (800x533)

Happy mistake – I left my Vitamin water in the freezer too long. It ended up being like a slurpee (which I love!).IMG_0569 (600x800)

The secret to enjoying Amazing Grass? Super super cold almond milk. IMG_0572 (600x800)

I have to admit that I haven’t made the bed today. But, that’s mostly because someone decided to sleep in – all day.IMG_0577 (800x600)

This isn’t a weird camera angle, this is how he sleeps – in prayer pose.IMG_0581 (800x600)

I finally took a walk and came back starvin’. I had 2 pieces of toast with cream cheese and mango butter = AMAZE.ING.IMG_0584 (600x800)

Dinner – I’m thinking popcorn, a smoothie and a Vitatop but Ben is trying to get me to make a stir fry. I don’t know.

Search me Saturday!

I love looking at the searches people use and unfortunately for them, end up at my blog.

Here are a few of the searches for this week and some notes to the searchers:

  • im a hoarder t shirt (Note to searcher: You probably don’t need another shirt)
  • im going to die (Note to searcher: we all are)
  • binge so much run eat repeat (Note to searcher: Don’t judge)
  • “I crapped myself” (Note to searcher: get off the computer and clean it up)
  • what if I don’t run the entire 5 k (Note to searcher: Don’t worry about it)
  • ice cream before a run? (Note to searcher: We should hang out)

And EVERY SINGLE DAY multiple people find RER by searching “big butts”. monica has dookie booty

Note to searchers: Yes I have one, but I don’t think I sell what you’re looking to buy…sorry.big butts napkin(source)

I can only hope.


  1. says

    Um, those searches are hilarious. I got one for “chia seeds addicting” or something like that, and a few funnier ones I don’t remember… lots of them are more mundane though :) your kitty pictures are freaking adorable!

    PS big butts are TOTALLY in style 😉 haha.

  2. says

    Haha, my parents cat Charlie sleeps like that while he’s lying in the sunlight.

    Haha “I crapped myself” – why would someone search that?

  3. says

    My cat is a crazy weird sleeper too especially anything upside down.

    Those are some real random searches haha gotta wonder why people type in some of the things they do… but I’m glad that I now know it is always okay to have ice cream BEFORE I run and not just after. Thanks 😉

  4. Maryann (The Balanced Bean) says

    LOL your note to searches totally cracked me up. Im loving your blog so much these days! :)

  5. says

    I love digging through the searches that led ppl to my blog. I have had some insanely ridiculous ones. I get a lot of funny (and sometimes touching) searches about therapy, like “what if I am in love with my therapist” or “I’m quitting therapy” or “what to do in therapy.” I have also had some really wacky things like “double fisting running” or, just this week, “essay on a scary”….Ominous…

  6. Jill says

    I’m amused to read about those searches. I guess I’ve lead a very sheltered life, where I’d only think of searching for the simplest of things.
    What is mango and/or cranberry butter made of, other than the obvious? Is it a fruit puree? Sounds delicious. Each day that I read RER I’m tempted to go to Trader Joe’s and buy whatever is described. Then I remember that I usually buy WAY too much yummy stuff when I shop there.

  7. says

    haha i love the big butt search. my blog gets searches for ‘cream on my long toes’….what does that mean?!?

  8. says

    Jealous of your “big” butt! I wish I had one. Well, I wish I had one that didn’t pain me every time I try to do Pilates or yoga!

  9. says

    Apparently Big Butts are coming back, because I got made fun of TWICE this week for having no butt..believe me, it aint what it’s cracked up to be lol

  10. Ashley says

    You’re breakin’ my heart if you tell me a big booty isn’t in style anymore…here I was rockin’ mine like it was the best thing since sliced bread! Haha!

  11. Emily W says

    Last year I was running and one of the neighborhood boys (maybe 8 years old) told me I had a big butt. Then he asked me to marry him.

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