Happy Mother’s Day 2011


Happy Mother’s Day to my mom and all the mom’s out there!!! My little Mexican mom is amazing. She somehow managed to have two red headed kids and not kill us when our red headed tempers flared and I love her very much Actually, I love her so much I got her this awesome card… and brought her (and myself) amazing Panera salads and baguettes for lunch. I also stole some of … [Read more...]

10 miles and Lost Husband


This morning I woke up and did my pre-run rituals including toast with PB&J…I did my favorite easy route and made great time! My splits slowed down on the last few, but now I know. Ben picked me up from where I ended and we hit the store for a few things. I ate most of this container of fruit and many handfuls of cereal on the way home. This yogurt bowl was amazing and … [Read more...]