10 miles and Lost Husband

This morning I woke up and did my pre-run rituals including toast with PB&J…IMG_0500 (800x533)I did my favorite easy route and made great time! My splits slowed down on the last few, but now I know.IMG_0595 (600x800)

Ben picked me up from where I ended and we hit the store for a few things. I ate most of this container of fruit and many handfuls of cereal on the way home.IMG_0594 (600x800)

This yogurt bowl was amazing and way too decadent for breakfast. In the mix: heated pumpkin with pumpkin pie spice and stevia, Honey greek yogurt, chia seeds, cereal and a hot Vitatop with melty chocolate chips.IMG_0586 (800x600)

IMG_0590 (800x600)

In other news – Ben got a makeover! Yesterday he looked like crazy Jack from Lost…jack we have to go back(source)

“We have to go back!” (To that hair cut.)IMG_0505 (600x800)

Today he looks like John Locke. john-locke-from-lost(source)IMG_0598 (800x600)

But I hate to have to admit I’m partial to Sawyer, so I might ask him to grow it back out and straight it.sawyer lost

Or grow it out and get a dark tan… Winking smilesayid is hot(source)

Yes, I still apply LOST analogies to my every day life. Don’t you?lost banner



  1. says

    I didn’t like Lost much. just seemed like a bunch of confused people pondering their existence while sitting on the beach.
    I want that yoghurt bowl. not vita tops in New Zealand, obv. can’t wait to try one when I”m back in the US!

  2. says

    I love LOST…I actually got bored the other day and put in Season 1 and am now watching it all over again for the 3rd time. Love that show! Awesome references!

  3. says

    I never watch lost but I can think of a Friends scenario for almost anything. I am constantly saying “Like that one time on Friends when…” It’s a problem.

    Great job on the run!

  4. Kirsten says

    OMGGGGG I miss Lost. Thanks for re-igniting the painful feeling of loss I’ve had since the show ended. D;

  5. says

    omg. your comparison of ben to “we have to go back!” jack just made me lol. i just started rewatching the series, and clearly i’ve been watching a little too much.

  6. says

    congrats on your 10 mile run…Yesterday morning my legs stopped working at 7 miles…they just wouldn’t go anymore…

  7. says

    At work we had to assign pseudonyms to all the professors we interviewed for our research study. My co-worker took the task on and gave them all names from Lost (e.g., Prof Locke, Prof Ford, Prof Dawson, Prof Shephard, Prof Austin, etc). We’re nerdy grad students, yup.

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