Happy Mother’s Day 2011

Happy Mother’s Day to my mom and all the mom’s out there!!!IMG_0610 (800x600)

My little Mexican mom is amazing. MANDO-STACHEShe somehow managed to have two red headed kids and not kill us when our red headed tempers flared PAULA-MICHAEL-MONICAand I love her very much Smile WEST-SIDE

Actually, I love her so much I got her this awesome card…IMG_0600 (600x800)

and brought her (and myself) amazing Panera salads and baguettes for lunch. I also stole some of Ben’s sandwich.IMG_0605 (800x600)

After lunch my mom busted out the See’s CandyIMG_0607 (600x800)

If you are ever confronted with a See’s candy choose this one – dark chocolate, nougat and almonds. Trust me I know candy a lot better than I should.IMG_0608 (800x600)

We took the dogs for a walk before heading to visit my Grams…Roxy blinked.IMG_0613 (600x800)

Not sure why, but I was hungry since the moment I woke up today. I had many snacks including a tiny banana and blubes.IMG_0617 (600x800)

I tried a Sun Drop! Drop this like it’s hot because it’s not good.IMG_0618 (600x800)

Snacks at my Grams included pub mix and PB pretzels.IMG_0620 (800x600)

Speaking of mothers – a humming bird built it’s nest on my grandma’s wind chime.IMG_0624 (800x600)

She sat on her tiny egg filled nest and watched us visit.IMG_0622 (800x600)This is my and Michael, my red headed bro.IMG_0630 (800x600)My mom, Grams and me <3IMG_0631 (800x600)

I have two brothers and one mom Smile IMG_0634 (800x600)

Dinner was a massive amount of roasted broccoli and some left over panini from Panera (we over ordered).IMG_0635 (800x600)

Dipped in buckets of hummus and dip.IMG_0636 (800x600)

Dessert was an ice cream candy bar thing and maybe something else. I am a hungry bear today!


Okay, I’m gonna log off blogs for tonight. See ya later Smile


  1. Mom says

    I am the luckiest mom to have you as a daughter. Thank you for a wonderful day and your great company! Te quiero mucho!

  2. says

    Yay for moms!

    And double yay for See’s Candy. I like the ones with chocolate sprinkles on the outside. I think they have a maple-y or brown sugary buttercream inside. Ooh, and the tall round ones (or maybe they’re rectangular) with caramel on the bottom and marshmallow(?) on top of it.

    Clearly I haven’t had See’s in a while, but man, is it good.

    Glad you had a nice day with your mom!

    • Nicole says

      Allison – you’re talking about BOTH of my FAVES!! Scotchmallows and Bordeauxs!! Uh oh – we might have to fight over those!! :)

      Oh, who am I kidding – (nearly) everything in the See’s box is worth fighting over!! :)

      • says

        How funny! And you know their actual names; you’re a true See’s lover. :)
        My great aunt used to send everyone a 2lb box of See’s at Christmas every year. Because I have NO control when I’m near an open box, I would pick out all my favorites (at least half the box!) and send the rest to work with my husband for his co workers to eat.

        I love them all…except for the fruity filled ones. Of course, that hasn’t stopped me from eating the chocolate all around the fruity center.

        I have no shame!

  3. says

    I was hungry all day yesterday too – the headachey kind, too. It was no fun.

    That hummingbird nest is so cool! I had a bird build a nest in my front door wreath last year. It was cool, but … inconvenient. 😛

  4. says

    Just had to stop by and tell you that I had the weirdest dream last night about calling you on the phone! I don’t know your number or know you in real life so it was awkward! I can’t figure out why I would’ve dreamed that! :)

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