Another Car Picture

My second protein-y snack of the day was a green monster on the go.smoothie on the go

don't drink green monster and drive

Let’s see what we’ve got here:

– Shark fin in my hair

– Drinking and driving

– Way too many self portraits taken in the car

Check, check and check.drinking green monster

Ben and I got home around the same time from work and we teamed up for dinner. I roasted the broccoli and stuffed mushrooms, he cooked the chicken with spaghetti sauce ( I added spinach to mine).chicken and spinach with spaghetti sauce

The stuffed mushrooms were a manager’s special find. I have a knack for finding food on clearance, it’s not something I’m particularly proud of, but it’s all I got.stuffed mushroomsI thought I would reward myself for a day of healthy eats with some dark chocolate. That makes sense to everyone else, right? IMG_0675 (800x600)

Tonight is the season finale of Bethenny Ever After! I adore her and feel like our personalities are similar in many ways (read: too loud girls who come off a little aggressive, but are really kinda cool?).Bethany_Frankel(source)

Anyways, I gotta go watch this! See ya later Smile


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    I love Bethenny and think I’m a lot like her too. We don’t have cable right now so I’ve been purchasing the episodes on Itunes and am waaaay behind. My favorite thing she’s ever done/said was when she told this guy she was on a date with (back when she was on Real Housewives) that she was a “ball buster”. haha

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    I definitely believe in rewarding myself with a little treat (nothing crazy though) at the end of a day of healthy eating. Knowing that I have a special dessert waiting for me after dinner helps keep me on track the rest of the day (and prevents me from eating tons of unhealthy snacks throughout the day). :)

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    True Story: when I was about 4 years old, I scolded my grandmother for drinking and driving. She was drinking coffee.

    Also, totally stayed up late and watched the finale of Bethenney. She cracks me up! Jason is so great and Brynn is freaking adorable!

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