Need Ice Send Help

This morning I did a 5 mile tempo run of sorts. I didn’t have specific goals for my 3 tempo miles, just to keep them under 8:30. Done and done.IMG 0756 800x600 thumb Need Ice Send Help

After I got out of the shower I was super hungry and at an apple-banana while making this open face egg sandwich. One side with PB&J. IMG 0760 800x600 thumb Need Ice Send HelpWe ran out of iced coffee and forgot to refill the ice trays. I’m nursing this cup of hot coffee while waiting for ice to melt freeze.IMG 0761 800x600 thumb Need Ice Send HelpI need ICE! At this point any ice will do…ice tea thumb Need Ice Send Help(source)

Okay, maybe not that ice.

Now I’m chomping on an apple. It’s a hungry morning. That, or I really need my iced coffee… wlEmoticon smile22 Need Ice Send Help


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    (Shameless comparison based bragging coming) Normally you’re much faster than me, but I did 5 miles yesterday only 15 seconds slower than you and I was pushing a stroller. :)

    (End of bragging)

    Are you going to watch the new show on E! with Ice T and his big-butted wife?

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    My lunch today was cucumber sticks with hummus + a garlic parmesan omelet. Yummy and lo carb!

    PS I love the idea of an open-faced sandwich with two diff sides to it!

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