Q and A with Monica

Question: What’s cuter – a senior couple walking and holding hands…IMG_0762 (600x800)

or mini-pop tarts (sample I had at Costco)?IMG_0764 (800x600)

Answer: The lil’ couple by a 1000x.

Question: What’s weirder than a girl taking pictures of her food on the conveyor belt in front of 10 other people? IMG_0765 (800x600)

IMG_0767 (800x600)

Answer: Nothing. I guess I put on quite a show with the stares I was getting. Awkward.

Question: What’s easier to eat in the car blueberries (on the way home from Costco today)…IMG_0768 (800x600)

…or a smoothie?IMG_0660 (600x800)

Answer: I vote smoothie (as some blubes may now be located under my seat).

Question: What’s more suggestive than unwrapping a cucumber?IMG_0773 (600x800)

Answer: Nothing.

Question: What is Monica most likely to have for lunch on any random day?IMG_0775 (800x600)

Answer: Either Subway or a ridiculous salad with a side of carbs and an unpictured handful or two of baked chips. Today it was chicken salad with cranberries and extra hummus.IMG_0777 (800x600)

Question: What did you have for lunch?


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    There is nothing cuter than an old, sweet couple…although those mini pop tarts are freaking adorable! For lunch today, I had a salad with lettuce, cabbage, avocado, carrot, and a Boca vegan patty. Delicious and nutritious!

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    Too cute.

    Lately I’ve been eating big ‘kitchen sink’ salads and a green smoothie for lunch. And then I eat chocolate and peanut butter for an afternoon snack. Can’t be too healthy, right? :)

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    that lil couple is too PRESH! i had a spicy chik’n patty on target bread that was kind of insane. and leftover asparagus. and blueberry chobani. i’ve had a huge salad every day this week and the hunger was too naggy for a salad today!

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    I’m a teacher with a 30 minute lunch period and a staff room that’s a million miles away, so brace yourself: Vitatop, apple, cheese crackers (the “healthy” Ritz Nutrifuls), a Kashi Bar, and a Diet Coke. I guess at least it’s less than 500 calories and I’ve got some fiber in there.

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    I had a questionable veggie patty that’s been sitting in the freezer for a bit. I topped it with some BBQ sauce with a side of carrots, Triscuit’s and string cheese. Yum. 😛

    That couple is adorable!

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    haha i love this!! the little old couple is def so cute, but so are the mini poptarts! I didn’t even know those existed! And I know the feeling of getting awkward stares when you take pics of your food in public! 😉

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    i had such a weird lunch today. every few days i’ll make a huuuuuuge salad & divy it up into 4-5 tupperwares so that every day i can just grab a tupperware of salad & a protein (i rotate between chicken/turkey/fish/egg whites) & then i’m off to go. i always end up munching 1/2 the produce while i’m chopping away – so that was today’s lunch. random carrot here, random celery there, & lotsa freudian-penis cucumbers!
    i do love my lunch time salads – definitely keep me full & provide the needed chew factor & volume!

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    That old couple, oh my so so sweet!
    I love that you took pictures of the food in the store. I need to get better about taking pictures.
    For lunch today I had a chef salad from roly poly. This the second time I’ve had that lunch this week. I think I need to get better at planning lunch for work.

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    I had savory pies and sweet biscuits. God these Kiwis are getting to me!
    I sort of wish I’d had subway. Isn’t it crazy the first time I had it was in New Zealand? I adore it! tell me they have the sweet thai chili sauce in the US???

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    I am oddly obsessed with little old couples. They could have just met a month ago, but I think they are the cutest thing ever. I want to squeal with delight and stalk them to see what they do and where they go. But don’t worry, I don’t actually do it! 😉

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