Fiber Plus Bar Cereal


I went on a date with Ben tonight. We had sushi. and fro-yo. Apparently we hate variety. That, or love fro-yo. I think it’s the latter. This afternoon I chopped up a fiber one bar, put it in a big bowl with cereal and poured milk on it. I felt guilty about that. But, then I read this article about a guy who under ate before his long run and totally hit the wall. So, … [Read more...]

Coaching Yourself


Hello Little Peeps How’s your day? (Side note: There is nothing cuter than calling my mom and my little bro answering and asking “Howz your day?”) After my boot camp class I came home craving a Lean Cuisine. Random right. Well, that’s how I roll. I bulked it up with tons of veggies because I also roll with a lot of food. But, I needed dessert. PB&carob chips on a … [Read more...]

Late For Flapjack Friday


I’m late for work, so let’s make this quick! I started off my day with some Friday Flapjacks I used my Sweet Potato Pancakes recipe, but used pumpkin instead of sweet potatoes. I also sprinkled chia seeds right on them while they were in the pan. I’m going to try and hit up Boot Camp at the gym for some exercise. The instructor is no joke. Wish me luck since I don’t want … [Read more...]