Late For Flapjack Friday

I’m late for work, so let’s make this quick!

I started off my day with some Friday Flapjacks SmileIMG_0789 (800x533)

I used my Sweet Potato Pancakes recipe, but used pumpkin instead of sweet potatoes. I also sprinkled chia seeds right on them while they were in the pan. IMG_0793 (800x533)

I’m going to try and hit up Boot Camp at the gym for some exercise. The instructor is no joke. Wish me luck since I don’t want to look like a loser taking a class at my own gym!IMG_0797 (800x533)

Friday I’m in love with ice cream (and every other day actually)

Question: What are you in love with today?

PS – If you’re reading this in Google Reader, click over to check out  my new header Smile


  1. says

    Today I’m in love with ice cream, too. My college roommate and I are celebrating our last night in the dorm (before we head home) with ice cream sundaes tonight. So pumped! Love the new header. It’s very colorful!

  2. Cassie says

    today I am totes in love with my hubby! Which I know sounds cheesy, but we’re about to head out on our honeymoon, and I can’t wait!

  3. Ashley says

    I’m in love with the fact that it’s Friday and the weekend is here! I’ve caught some nasty bug so 2 days of doing nothing but watching movies from my bed or the couch sounds fantastic to me :-)

    I really, really like the new header!!

  4. Christin says

    Today I am in love with my new Netflix through Xbox…not to mention the fact that it’s Friday! whoo hoo!

  5. says

    The new header is cute (I know my opinion is very, very important :)).

    LOVE today’s comic. I also love my new “hooker shoes” I just bought (as my hubby lovingly calls them). Can’t wait to wear them out tonight!

      • MrsCrystal says

        Yes, FroYo! My hubby and I go to a FroYo shop that is only like 3/4 of a mile from us called Tutti Frutti. I always have to get a sample cup (well, maybe a few sample cups) each time we go in, even though I have tasted the flavors multiple times. Just getting the yogurt makes my day. I don’t ever get any toppings. Hubby does though. He makes his look soooo good, I always ask to taste!

        Oh, I’m guilty…This weekend (Fri & Sat), we had ICE CREAM both nights. Marble Slab Creamery!! Ooooo my, too good. Those coupons that come in the mail got me. Buy 1 tasty creation, get one free! Yep, ice cream coupons will not be wasted!

  6. says

    I’m in love with frozen mango mixed with greek yogurt-its like solid mango icecream!
    Now I just have to hold myself back… :-/

  7. says

    Love the header! I need to start making pancakes on the weekdays, I heart them. I think I’m gonna have them for dinner tonight! YUM;)

  8. ida says

    I’m in love with my new haircut (just a trim, but still love) and think thin pb bars-taste JUST like reeese’s-YUM!

  9. Kirsten says

    Love the header! The immature little girl in me is inappropriately amused by the banana picture.

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