Since I’m Going to Die Anyways…


Have you guys heard the world is going to end May 21st? Yeah. Since that’s next weekend I’ve decided to just say “F it” and eat poison HFCS. When I spotted this at the store I considered talking myself out of it, but I couldn’t. Oh well. We all gotta go sometime next weekend. And since we’re all gonna be bunking up in Heaven soon – I should warn you that I eat a lot of … [Read more...]

French Fries and Tums


Ben and I headed to my mom’s to pick up Matt and have some fun yesterday. We stopped at a burger joint on the way there to grab lunch. Ben got a burger and I ate most of our MASSIVE order of fries. When I got to my mom’s I made a salad to go with my french fry main course. And found chocolate covered pretzels as dessert. This was definitely not necessary, but I they were … [Read more...]