Fine, I’ll Make Dinner


Truthfully, I love veggie burgers and frozen meals. But, I don’t think they make for the best blogging material. So, today I busted out an old recipe – Not Fancy Salmon Patties Anytime I make fish I create a make-shift tartar sauce to go with it. Today’s included yogurt sauce, diced pickles and ranch dressing. It worked. I canceled my running group because it was rainy all … [Read more...]

The Hunger Emergency


I hit up Kickboxing this morning. I la-la-love KB, but I don’t like it when the instructor just flows through class assuming everyone knows the combinations. I don’t go to this class weekly and don’t have them memorized. If you’d just run through it ONCE I would catch on. Promise. Maybe it’s the cheerleader in me, but I hate not getting all the moves right. Plus it brings down … [Read more...]

Egg Cake in the Microwave


Hello from sunny rainy Southern California! The weather outside is tragic – what is up SoCal?! Luckily I don’t have to run today. I’m taking a KB class at 9:30am, so my day started with breakfast… I made a protein cake in a bowl instead of a mug to get it a little bigger. Then, I slathered it with Sunflower Butter and some sf syrup. Ben thought it looked and tasted gross, so … [Read more...]