My New Point and Shoot

I took back the camera I bought yesterday and am hoping this point and shoot will be a winner. It’s a Nikon CoolPix S4100. (The other one was a waterproof/shockproof kind but the picture quality was very bad.)DSCN0022 (600x800)

In case you’re on the market for a new camera here is the research I did on this one:

1. It’s redDSCN0011 (800x600)

2. It takes pictures. (Though, I wish it would also make my bed and clean my sink.)DSCN0014 (800x600)

3. It was basically the same price as the one I just took back and all I had was store credit. So yeah.DSCN0021 (800x600)

4. It only adds 9.5 pounds instead of the usual 10 (at least that’s what I’d like to think).DSCN0025 (800x600)

camera adds 10 pounds(source)

Run – I did 1 mile warm up, 2 miles at tempo pace, then a 1 mile run/walk cool down while contemplating life.

I don’t normally use my ipod during shorter runs, but I needed it today (and may start using it more). For some reason my ‘pod LOVE Pitbull. I know it’s supposed to be random, but this thing “randomly” plays the same songs all the time. Anyone else have this problem?DSCN0017 (800x600)

Post run I wanted toast with PB, but I’ve been trying to get more protein so I made a compromise – half egg sandwich, half toast with Sunflower Butter and banana. DSCN0029 (800x600)Don’t worry – I ate the rest of the banana instead of saving it for later. I know you were wondering.

Question: What do you eat half of?

I probably only eat half of a footlong sub or half a box of cereal at a time…


  1. says

    I have the same problem with my iPod randomly “shuffling” in the exact same songs over and over. Seriously annoying.

    I’m interested to hear how you like your new camera, I’m in the market for a new one so suggestions/reviews are always welcome!

    Also I’ve been wondering – how did you get involved with coaching your running group? That’s such a cool thing to do!

  2. Christin says

    Well yesterday I ate half a magnum ice cream bar, then decided to check the calories…380…oops…gave the rest to my husband at that point.
    BTW that sweet potato from yesterday looks too good…how long did you bake it and what temp?
    Have a great day!

  3. Hannah says

    I hate to be a TOTAL downer but I’ve had really bad luck with a Coolpix before. It had all sorts of screen errors and when I looked it up the errors turned out to be quite common. Granted, that was probably 2 years ago so hopefully they have fixed the problem since then. It was a really nice camera before it broke (only about 6 months) :(

  4. says

    My ipod has almost been sacrified (as in thrown into the nearest body of water) several times for repeat shuffle songs. My ‘running’ playlist has 50 songs on it and yet I hear Jay Z 99 problems 5 times within 30 minutes..hmmm..It’s ok with me though. I totally know how to get out of a traffic stop now.

    I could eat half of an entire batch of chocolate chip cookies…as in I ate half of the batch of cookies I made the other night. Oops.

  5. says

    i have that very same shuffle and yup, it loves its favourite songs. it needs to take some lessons in shuffling.
    i don’t do halves – all or nothing, baby!

  6. says

    Muffins. Sometimes my coworkers bring muffins for breakfast. I always cut one in half, thankfully someone always eats the other half.

  7. says

    I try to only eat half a banana at the time so that I can eat the other half later in the day. I also try to eat ! T of pb at a time so I can eat the other half of the serving at some point.

    My sister has that camera and she loves it! I hope you do too!

  8. says

    My shuffle does that, too! I thought it was just me. It won’t really do it from run to run, but sometimes on the same run it’ll play the same songs over and over. The pictures are really clear! Hope you have a winner :)

  9. says

    New follower here! I eat half of bagels usually…bananas I only take half when there is a brown part on the other half! Look forward to reading.

    Ps…that’s annoying with the ipod shuffle. I wonder if there is a setting spot?

  10. says

    I always eat half the banana. Even when I freeze them for smoothies, I cut them in half.

    This is probably a stupid question – but do you think maybe the shuffle button got flipped toward the “do not shuffle” setting? Mine randomly gets pushed over sometimes to that setting and I don’t realize it until I’m on the fourth song by the same artist.

  11. says

    I have the same Ipod and it does the same thing. Sometimes I change it to the no shuffle mode so it actually plays some of the other songs!

  12. VanessaG says

    I eat half of a 1/2gallon of ice cream daily. I could eat half a pound of any kind of vegetable, and I could (but don’t) eat half a container of peanut butter!!

  13. says

    I lost my ipod after my race on Saturday :( but yeah, I definitely had that problem where “shuffle” is actually “play the same song 5 times in an hour”

  14. says

    I love your blog! The camera looks great; something I need to invest in soon.
    About your question: I am totally with you on the 1/2 box of cereal – it’s so easy to do. I will also usually only eat half a banana at a time. In fact I freeze them and use only half at a time. Also french fries. I give the other half to my husband, who doesn’t wait to be asked.

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