Going Back to Baltimore


I’m headed to Baltimore tonight! I’ll be speaking at Fitbloggin on Saturday about Blogging 101: Breaking into Health and Fitness Blogging. This is the newbie track, so if you’re new to the game please come by. But, if you’re been doing this for a while please don’t come and make me look like a know-nothing loser. Thanks. I went to Fitbloggin last year when I lived in … [Read more...]

Three Things Thursday–Excuses


It’s Three Things Thursday. Here are three excuses I have… 1. I drank a massive smoothie on the way to work. Note the sopping wet hair and lack of make-up. My excuse: I was on Mexican time running late (when in reality this is a daily look/occurrence). 2. Lunch involved MASSIVE amounts of Cheetos croutons and dark chocolate melted on sunflower butter bread. My excuse: Life … [Read more...]

Lucky Number 7 Miles


I decided to pack before running this morning and that required fuel in the form of cereal. Ben is on a cereal phase for breakfast these days because I wouldn’t normally keep this much sugary cereal choices in the house otherwise. I think we’re going to have to cut back for my sake though… Then, I packed! Don’t worry I packed a few other things besides running clothes. A few. … [Read more...]