Lucky Number 7 Miles

I decided to pack before running this morning and that required fuel in the form of cereal. Ben is on a cereal phase for breakfast these days because I wouldn’t normally keep this much sugary cereal choices in the house otherwise. I think we’re going to have to cut back for my sake though…DSCN0046 800x600 thumb Lucky Number 7 Miles

Then, I packed! Don’t worry I packed a few other things besides running clothes. A few. DSCN0056 800x600 thumb Lucky Number 7 Miles

According to my Back on Track Plan for this week I was supposed to do 8 miles today. Well, I only did 7 because of time constraints. But we’ll call it a Lucky #7 miles so I don’t feel bad wlEmoticon smile30 Lucky Number 7 MilesDSCN0073 800x600 thumb Lucky Number 7 Miles

Now I’m gonna drink a smoothie on the way to work and run some errands. I’ll see ya in a bit!IMG 0660 600x800 thumb2 Lucky Number 7 Miles


  1. says

    Nice job! I ran 7 miles for the first time this past weekend and it was kind of a disaster – waaaaaaaaay slower than your 1:01. Ha. Here’s to 8 this weekend though! I’m a believer.

  2. Denise says

    Hey Monica:
    That’s awesome and I am actually really glad I discovered your blog, I need to know more online running peeps!
    I recently have been training for a womens only 10K run coming up and I can’t believe how much it changes one’s lifestyle! Holy cow.
    I teamed up with a really good trainer who is all into triathlons and has done her fair share of marathons and has totally revamped herself.
    It seems like you know a lot about running and the latest cool stuff, would you recommend any ways to train? I actually just joined this new site called Fitango and I am using some marathon Actionplans like this

    Anyway, thoughts? advice? Nice to meet you :)


  3. says

    I have this weird thing about even mile runs. I rarely run an odd number unless it’s below six or if I’m with a friend who insists on running an odd number. I know that is extremely strange. I’m not adverse to odd numbered mile runs – they just never occur to me. Is that strange?

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